Thursday, November 26, 2020

Should have read the warning label

Josh read the disclaimer on the website for the pills he had just bought for him and his wife. They claimed to bring out the best in you, but that’s not exactly what happened. He wasn’t exactly sure what that meant but didn’t see any harm in trying it. His girlfriend told him it sounded like a scam but Josh was intrigued and ordered some anyways.

“What does it say?” Asked his wife.
“It basically says I’m screwed. May cause unintended side effects.” Josh looked down at the two huge tits protruding from his chest to confirm.
“Yeah I’d say those are two HUGE side effects!” His wife said through a giggle.
“Shut up! How was I supposed to know these pills were going to turn me into a curvy brunette bombshell?”
“Maybe reading the warning label before you take a handful of pills would’ve helped.”

Joshs wife crawled up next to her transformed husband and started Softly kissing on her neck and rubbing her thigh causing Josh to feel something in between his legs. “I’d look at it this way, at least those pills made you hot!”

Size games at the beach

Chris and Tiffany were hanging out at the beach as “besties”, where Chris let’s Tiffany turn him into a her for the day with the BodyApp. Today, Tiffany has him in the body of a blonde with a big bubble butt. Chris loved it!

While laying on the beach enjoying the sun and sipping drinks, Tiffany grabbed her phone and adjusted Chris’s height from 5’6 down to 4’5, just to see if he would noticed. He didn’t figure it out until he went to grab his drink, and noticed it seemed bigger in his hand.

“Hey, you shrank me some more, didn’t you?” Chris said looking at Tiffany giggling at his predicament. “Give me your phone…” Chris said as he snatched it away from his wife.

He opened his wife’s profile in the BodyApp and adjusted her size from 5’4 down to 3’ even. Tiffany felt herself shrinking and let out a yelp.

“Woah! How much smaller did you make me?” She asked as she quickly dwindled down to 3ft. “You made me way smaller than I made you! No fair!”

“Just a little bit! You can hardly notice!” Chris snickered looking at his diminutive Wife as she looked up at his taller female form by comparison.

Tiffany grabbed the phone while Chris was distracted due to laughing at her, and adjusted his height from 4’5 all the way down to 1’ tall. He’s stopped laughing when he felt himself shrinking even smaller than he already was.

“What, again? How small am I gonna get now?” He asked as he shrank and shrank all the way down to 1ft. He looked up at his wife who was 3 times his height, even at 3ft tall! Tiffany couldn’t take it anymore and doubled over in laughter at her husbands situation. He was a 1ft tall and in the body of a Barbie doll!

Chris saw his opportunity to grab the phone while she was busy laughing at his predicament. He had trouble grabbing the incredibly large phone at a foot tall. It was almost half as big as he was! He had to use both his hands to swipe the phone open. 

“Let’s see how she likes this…” He said as he leaned over the phone and struggled to adjust his wife’s height from 3ft down to 4in. He finished his adjustments and stood back to watch the fun.

Tiffanys laughter was interrupted by the familiar feeling of shrinking. 

“Oh no, how small am I gonna get this time?” Tiffany asked still chuckling. She dwindled down to the same height as her deck chair, then Chris’s height, then shorter than hubby, stopping just below his hips.

“Well, I guess you win!” Squeaked Tiffany as she craned her head to look up to her husband. “I can’t even work the phone at this size!”

Another FOSE victim