Monday, August 22, 2022



Daves wife was going out of town. Normally when she went out of town they get a sitter. This time for whatever reason, she decided that her husband could take care of them himself instead of someone else. Daves wife was a witch, so she had a spell that not only would not only provide a sufficient sitter but also a fun weekend for her dear husband.

She called Dave at work to tell him that she wanted him to take care of the kids while she’s gone.

“I still have to work! You want me to take care of the kids too? How am I gonna do that, babe? I’m not superdad!” Dave complained.

“I don’t think even superdad could handle this. What you need to be is SUPERMOM!”

He dropped his phone as a chill ran through Daves spine as he heard the word supermom. His height quickly dwindled from his height of 6’3 to a minuscule 5’0. Blonde hair profited out of his head and fell to the middle of his back. His hips pushed out while his butt inflated into two round meaty cheeks. Then, his body started swelling with muscle, most of it landing in his strong thighs and butt. 

Dave was standing in the middle of his office, tiny and transformed, so he ran out the back of the office building. His strong legs felt powerful and he moved much faster than he anticipated his short legs would allow.

Once he got outside he looked down at himself and noticed he was now wearing a sexy supergirl outfit. Dave grabbed his phone and called his wife back while rubbing his incredible new abs.

“What the hell babe?!? You turned me into a mini superhero!” Dave squeaked in his new higher pitched voice.

“You’re mini?!” His wife squealed in delight “oh wonderful! I can’t wait to see how you turned out! Now fly home right after work and feed the kids! Gotta go! *click*

Dave sat there for a second after she had hung up. “Fly?” He wondered aloud. He hadn’t considered that he wasn’t just a woman, she had said supermom. Dave thought about flying for a second and suddenly started to hover. 

“Holy shit, this might be her best spell yet!” Dave was all of a sudden on board with being a tiny female superhero!

Friday, August 19, 2022

You’re making it worse


My wife watched as I struggled to try and fix my current predicament. My wife and I were on vacation and while we were in one of the gift shops my wife found a magic book that she thought would be a good coffee table book.

As we left the gift shop and went back to our hotel room to relax, I went out on the balcony to lay out and thumb through the book we had just purchased.

There was some weird stuff in the book. I came across one that claimed to make the person reciting it irresistible. I absentmindedly read the spell under my breath and felt my body quickly transform into that of a woman! 

“What the fuck!” I exclaimed in my new high pitched female voice. “How did...oh my god this book is real!” I panicked as I frantically flipped through the book looking for something to fix my predicament. In a panic I read the next spell my eyes landed on hoping it would change something, anything.

Suddenly my hair lengthened and split into pigtails. My lips plumped up and stuck out into a pout. My clothes changed into a skimpy bikini and my tits and ass grew exponentially. I tried to make sense of what just happened but my mind suddenly got hazy. Like I couldn’t focus on anything except sex and how great my new body was.

My wife walked out onto the balcony and saw the sexy bimbo looking through the book with a confused look on her face. She grabbed the book from me and looked at what I had just read.

“Oh honey, this appears to be a real spellbook!” My wife said surprisingly “And you just read a bimbo spell which is making your current situation a lot worse!”

Thursday, August 18, 2022

Basketball sized booty


When I challenged my girlfriend to a a game of horse, I didn’t think she would play use her witchcraft to try to beat me. I initially was winning, but she tried to slow me down by changing me into a girl with a huge ass.

“Babe, stawp!” I whined in my high pitched girly voice as I felt my girlfriend make my rear end a little bit bigger. “Its really hard to concentrate on my shot with a booty the size of a basketball!”

“If you miss this shot it will be bigger than a basketball!”

Surprising my wife


I guess this is what I get for trying to surprise my wife for her birthday.

My wife is a bartender, and also a practicing witch. One day while she was at work I decided to flip through her spellbook. I found a spell that would expand her breasts to cartoonish sizes and thought it would be funny to cast the spell then head up to her bar to see how she’s dealing with enourmous jugs.

As I tried to correctly pronounce the words in the book to cast the spell I had a feeling I was doing it incorrectly as my body started to tingle intensely.

I started to shrink from my height of 6’3 to a height of 5’2. Long curly hair sprouted from my head and travelled down my back. My waist caved inward while my hips simultaneously expanded outward. My thighs thickened along with my ass, which grew until it was a nice round bubble butt.

The grand finale started as I felt an intense pressure in my chest. My nipples grew in size and my breasts started filling. They expanded quickly. They were filling so quickly it lunged me forward and onto the floor where they kept expanding outward. When they finally stopped I picked myself up off the floor and walked over to a hallway mirror. 

I was shocked at what I saw. Staring back at me was my wife, but with the biggest breasts I’d ever seen on a woman of her petite stature. And now they were mine. Hopefully not forever.

I grabbed the biggest and roomiest thing my wife owned and put it on, even though it barely covered my huge new boobs. I made some coffee and sipped it while enjoying the new sensations of my giant tits. When my wife gets home she will definitely be suprised!

Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Their son experiences the FOSE

 Jake was in the bathroom pleasuring himself to the thought of a sexy pawg with the biggest ass he had ever seen when the FOSE hit, instantly changing him into her complete with her exceptionally large ass. Jake was initially caught off guard as he looked over his shoulder into the mirror and saw the reflection of the pawg he was just fantasizing about.

“Holy shit, I’m her!” He looked at her angelic face and admired it. The he looked down at his massive ass spread out on the side of the tub. “What am I gonna do with all this?” He asked himself as he grabbed a handful with his small hand.

Just then there was a knock on the door. “Jake? Are you almost done in there?” 

Jake panicked. It was his mom. 

“Uh, not yet!” Jake said in his new high pitched voice. He hoped his mom didn’t think anything was up. How was he going to explain To his mom turning into a woman with a massive ass and hips?

Another FOSE victim