Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Steve has some fun while his wife and daughter are out of town

“Hannah has some small tits, but damn she’s got a big ass!” Steve said in his daughters best friends body. Steve lusted after his daughters best friend but was married and knew there was nothing he could do. She was short and petite, probably 5’2. But she had one of the biggest bubble butts Steve had ever seen on a girl her size! His wife and daughter went out of town for the weekend so Steve thought this would be a great opportunity to try out a new app he downloaded on his phone. 

The Bodyapp allowed you to upload a picture and change anything you want about it, then apply the changes to yourself or anyone else. He uploaded a picture of Hannah, and decided not to change anything at first because he wanted to experience her body the way it naturally was. He felt his heart beating as he hit SAVE on the app. He then blacked out.

When Steve woke up he knew it had worked. He had hair in front of his face and the hand that was grabbing it was small and feminine. He looked down and saw two small breasts on his chest. He got up and walked over to a full length mirror and admired his new reflection. Steve grabbed his phone and turned sideways to look at his big new bubble butt, snapping some pictures for later. Steve was Looking forward to enjoying his weekend alone in Hannah’s body.

Wednesday, July 17, 2019

An accident with a happy ending

Brad and Jeff were best friends and college roommates. They also shared many of their classes together. One of the classes they shared was a class where they were tasked with inventing something.

Brad was having trouble coming up with anything that would impress his professors. Jeff on the other hand, was hard at work on a computer controlled transformation ray that could alter matter in any way. He wasn’t sure if it would even work but had high hopes that if it did, he could create his ideal woman. Jeff had trouble getting dates and thought this would be an easy way to remedy that.

“Hey Brad, can you help me for a second? I need to test my ray.” Brad looked up from his project. “Yeah sure. I’m not getting anywhere with mine. What do you need?”
“Just stand in front of the ray and tell me if the light comes on.” Jeff smirked hoping Brad didn’t figure out what he was trying to do here.

Brad walked around to the front of the ray, looking for the light Jeff wanted him to check. He heard the machine start to warm up. “Hey Jeff, where’s the light you want me to check?” Brad looked all around the front and couldn’t find one.
Jeff furiously typed on the laptop attached to the ray. “Look right at the tip of the ray. It’s there!” Jeff  said as he made the final adjustments. Brad looked right at the barrel and saw a bright light hit him right in the face with a ZAP.

Brad was blinded and stumbled back. “Aaah! I can’t see! What the hell was that!” Brad yelled as he rubbed his eyes. His vision cleared and he noticed his perspective changing. He was getting shorter! He looked down and saw two breasts rapidly expanding on his chest! Hair was tumbling down his head and growing fast.

Jeff was staring slack jawed at his friend as he watched him slowly change into the woman he had loaded into the laptop. He had done some photoshopping to adjust things he wanted to tweak and enhance. He made her shorter, her hair brown and a bit longer, and gave her HUGE boobs. Boobs that would look ridiculous on a regular sized woman but absolutely cartoonish on someone 5 feet.

Brad looked up at his buddy behind the transformation ray as his height stabilized at a diminutive 5 feet. His hat had changed to a auburn brown and stopped growing as it rested halfway down his back. He felt his manhood shrink and suck up into himself forming a pussy no doubt. The biggest change though, was still happening. His breasts were already DDD and still quickly pushing outward under his shirt.

“Jeff! What the...what the hell is happening to me?!? Why am I a tiny girl?” Brad reaches up with his small hands and grabbed his huge orbs. “ why are these things...unnggghhhh...getting so big?”

Jeff feigned ignorance. “I’m not sure man! It wasn’t supposed to do that! It was an accident!” Jeff had a huge hardon watching his friend, now a woman, grow the biggest tits he’s ever seen.

The growth stopped and Brad looked down at his giant chest. They were so big they defied the alphabet. He now had some of the biggest, roundest boobs he’d ever seen. “Oh my god, what did your ray do to me? I’m a big tittied freak! I can stay like this! Fix this Jeff!”

Jeff looked down at his laptop and acted like he was trying to fix it, but he was really deleting the picture of the girl he used to turn his friend into what he now was. He looked down at his buddy with a concerned look. “I’m not sure what happened man. It’s gonna take some time but I’m afraid you’re stuck that way until I figure it out.”

Brad burst into tears and put his head in his hands. Jeff walked over to him and consoled him. He was amazed at how soft Brads new body was especially his huge boobs.

Fast forward to two months later. Jeff hasn’t really tried to figure out how to fix his roommates issue, but Brad isn’t really in a rush. Brad quickly embraced his new body and all the perks that come with it. When your tiny, female, and have a huge set of tits, men will do whatever you want! Brad found that having a pussy was WAY better than having a dick, and the orgasms were exponentially better. He also has the biggest set of tits to play with whenever he wanted.

Brad quickly turned the tables on Jeff. He started to use his sexy body to get Jeff to do his school work, make his food, basically anything he needed. He had Jeff wrapped around his tiny little finger.

It wasn’t just one sided though. Jeff was a real sweetheart and Brad had taken a liking to him. They eventually started dating and soon after Brad finally let Jeff have what he desperately desired, to have sex with him. 

Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Interesting punishment

Stacy found out her boyfriend Josh was cheating on her with a girl from his work. She was so upset, she stole her genius dads transformation ray from the basement and not only turned him into a copy of the whore he cheated on her with, but made him 3 inches tall!

Now she plans to have some fun with her new little toy. First, she wants Josh to suffer a little.

“Your going to spend the day in my panties pressed up against my pussy. What happens to you later depends on how much I enjoy having you in there all day. You’ll get bonus points for trying to pleasure me so keep that in mind while you’re in there.”

Josh was equal parts scared and strangely turned on by his current predicament. Being a tiny girl was oddly arousing. Being in his girlfriends panties staring at her giant pussy should’ve scared him, but deep down he welcomed the challenge to please her.

Another FOSE victim