Friday, June 21, 2019

Careless wish on spring break

“Are you still mad?” Chris’s friend Mark asked to his recently transformed friend.

“Yes I’m still mad! You’re the one that made a careless wish with that stupid coin!” Chris said.

“How was I supposed to know it was a wishing coin? It’s not my fault that I made an offhand comment while holding a coin I found in the parking lot!” Mark pleaded

Chris and mark were on a guys vacation for spring break to the beach. Mark found a coin laying in the parking lot and picked it up thinking nothing of it. Right after that mark wished he could find a skinny girl with a huge ass to mess around with for the weekend. Mark watched as his friend Chris suddenly morphed into the very girl he was wishing for right before his eyes.

“Yeah well you don’t have to deal with this body! Look at me, my proportions are ridiculous! My waist is super tiny and my hips flare out ridiculously wide! And my ass is so huge! I’ve never seen an ass this big and round! I mean, girls just aren’t built like this! I look like a cartoon character!” Chris complained.

“Well if it’s any consolation, you look amazing...” Mark said trying to cheer him up.

“Shut the fuck up.” Chris said, not wanting to hear it. Out of the corner of his eye he saw his friend eyeing his gigantic ass, with a huge boner tenting his shorts. “And don’t get any ideas. I’m not gonna fuck you.”

Thursday, June 20, 2019

Accidental goddess

Steve’s daughter was heading out to a party with some friends on a Friday night and he was concerned. He had his suspicions that she was drinking excessively and messing around with boys.

Steve was a scientist at a government lab and had a machine at his lab that would allow him to change himself into one of his daughters friends so he could spy on her without her knowing. Then he could be sure of what she was doing at these parties.

He scanned a picture of his daughters friend into the computer and made all the necessary adjustments before hitting the timer on the machine. He set foot into the machine and once the timer counted down he heard a *ZAP* and felt his body change.

Steve opened his eyes and knew it had worked. He saw hair in his face and saw breasts on his chest. Something was off though. He felt like he was taller than the girl should’ve been. He was 6 or 7 feet tall, and the girl was supposed to be 5’2. Steve walked over to the computer screen and his eyes went wide. He messed up the numbers when he entered her height. In stead of 5’2, he had entered 5200’.

“Oh no, oh shit. I have to fix this!” He panicked in his now girly voice but his height had already started increasing. His fingers were quickly growing in size as he frantically tried to type correction into the computer. His height rose, quickly bumping his head into the ceiling causing him to lean over, then get on his hands and knees.

“Oh god! This wasn’t supposed to happen! I’m getting too big! I’m gonna outgrows the building!” Steve said as his body grew faster, quickly filling the room as he bumped his butt and head against the far walls of the room. His expanding body crushing the machine used to turn him into the growing girl he was becoming. “Fuck! There goes my only chance to change back!”

His body pressed up against the roof of the lab and exploded out of the top of the building as his growth accelerated. Now free from the containment of the lab, he stood up as he grew even faster. Steve saw his perspective get higher and higher. He could see over trees and buildings and could see farther and farther as his height got higher and higher.

Steve’s height finally leveled off at 5200’. He looked around and was shocked by how much bigger he was than everything else. “Holy shit, I’m SO BIG.” Steve said as he compared himself to the tall buildings of downtown. “This isn’t what I wanted, but I just became a giantess. Im the biggest being on earth. I’m a goddess! Mmmm what a turn on...” Steve felt his young body respond to the realization that he was the biggest woman on earth. He could do anything he wanted, and that turned him on immensely.

“Mmmm goddamn I’m horny...” Steve moaned as he began to rub his tits. Just then he saw a news helicopter flying towards him. He leaned toward them and pushed his tits together.

“Hey guys, get a load of the biggest tits in the world! Get a little closer, you’re new goddess has something to say...”

Sunday, June 16, 2019

Father’s Day transformation

Carl was a single father of two teenage girls. They loved their dad and only wanted what was best for him. All he did was work endless hours to make sure they were taken care of. He never took any time for himself. His daughters saw how miserable and lonely he was and wished there was a way they could help him find a girlfriend.

“I wish daddy could find a woman that truly made him happy!” Said one of the girls as they discussed their dads lack of a dating life.

The next morning as Carl woke up for father day something didn’t feel right. His whole body felt foreign to him. As he got out of bed he felt his butt and boobs jiggle. He looked at himself in the mirror and was shocked at what he saw. He saw a very curvy woman in the mirror that was straight out of his fantasies. He walked up to the mirror and the woman did the same.

“Holy this me?” He said in a sultry voice that he couldn’t believe was his. He studied himself in the mirror and was in disbelief how he was suddenly in this very sexy woman’s body. “How did this happen? I can’t be a woman!” He continued to take inventory of his voluptuous body. Touching his big tits and grabbing a handful of his big fat ass. While doing this he couldn’t help but wonder “Do I still get to celebrate Father’s Day?”

Carl’s daughters wish had come true. He did find a woman to make him happy, himself!

Friday, June 14, 2019

Practicing her spells

Chris’s wife Jennifer was a practicing witch. Emphasis on the word practicing. One day Jennifer wanted to practice some spells on Chris which he was always willing to do.

First she cast a spell to make Chris a thick curvy woman. Jennifer was surprised by the effectiveness of the spell when Chris turned out very chubby with 2 of the biggest breasts she’d ever seen.

“Whoops! Sorry honey! Let me see if I can fix this...” Jennifer said as she thumbed through her spellbook. “Aha! Let’s try this...”

Jennifer cast another spell and immediately knew she fucked up. She cast a shrinking spell thinking it would make Chris a little bit smaller but it shrunk her instead! She was only 3 inches tall!

She looked up at her chubby husband as he loomed over her with his huge boobs hanging from his chest. “Shit. You really fucked up now didn’t you Jen?” Chris said as he reached down to grab his tiny wife. He picked his Jennifer and placed her on the table next to her spellbook. “Try again, but try not to mess this one up!”

Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Trying on clothes for my wife

My wife and I were set to go out of town in a few days on a much deserved vacation. She was covered up with work though and didn’t have time to go shopping for new clothes.

“I can go pick out some clothes for you, babe!” I offered.

“Thanks honey, but there’s no way to guarantee the stuff you pick out will fit. Unless...” my wife suddenly had an idea. She ran to the bedroom and grabbed her spellbook. My wife was a witch, but used her powers very sparingly so as not to draw too much attention.

“Uh sweetheart...” I asked cautiously “what’s your idea?”

“The only way to guarantee the stuff you pick out fits, is to try it on yourself!”

“How exactly am I gonna do that?” I asked still not understanding what she was getting at.

She thumbed through her book and found a spell and cast it before she bothered to answer me. Suddenly I found my body changing shape. My height shrunk down becoming much shorter. My waist crunched inward as my hips flared outward. 2 breasts sprung from my chest. My ass inflated becoming very round and plump. My arms thinned and my thighs thickened. I felt my face contort and change shape as blonde hair sprung from my head and cascaded halfway down my back. Finally I felt my cock and balls begin to retreat into my body until they inverted leaving a vagina.

My wife squealed “Oh my god you look just like me! Damn I’m hot!”

I took a quick inventory of the body of my wife I now possessed “Dammit babe! Let me know before you do that next time! You can’t just change me into a woman whenever you want!” I said in my wife’s high pitched voice.

“Oh calm down. Besides, you wanted to help! Now go get dressed and head down to the mall. Grab some clothes you think I’d like and take some pics and text them to me so I can approve of them.”

I made my way to the mall to try on some clothes and I gotta tell you, I was loving the attention my wife’s body was getting! It really made me feel sexy! After picking out some clothes and getting into the changing room, I couldn’t help but take some sexy mirror selfies before I tried on some clothes.

Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Squat booty swap

Yesterday I was a married 36 year old mechanic. Today I’m in the body of the 21 year old neighbor girl thanks to the great shift. It was strange waking up next to my wife in this young energetic body. It gave both of us quite a shock. It wasn’t until we turned on the TV and saw the news report about the great shift that we understood what had happened. My wife was immediately supportive. She said she’d stay with me even though I was now a young woman.

I guess there are worse body’s to be shifted into. If I’m gonna be a girl, at least I’m a hot one. This girl definitely did her squats. I can’t stop looking at my ass. It’s so big! Neither can my wife. I catch her staring at it as I walk by. I love the feeling of it bouncing as I walk. I wear tight pants and shirt shorts all the time. I’ve really embraced my new body and love showing it off. I love being a victim of the great shift!

Another FOSE victim