Thursday, March 21, 2019

Stolen shrink ray mishap

Kyle was at work when he got a call from his wife Tiffany who was a scientist at a lab. “Hey babe, how’s the research going?”

A man answered “Your wife needs you to come help her.” Then hung up the phone.

“What? Hello?” But all he heard was a dial tone. He called back, but no answer. He ran to his car and raced across town to her lab. When he got there he ran inside and down the hall to her research lab but didn’t see anybody. “Hello? Tiffany? Are you here?” He thought he heard something and looked around but didn’t immediately see anything.

As he looked around the lab he came across 3 piles of clothes. When he leaned down to grab them he saw 3 tiny objects. As he got closer he saw it was his wife and 2 of her coworkers! “Tiffany? Oh my god What happened to you?” He asked, but couldn’t hear her. He put his hand down next to them. “Here, get on my hand so I can bring you up near my face to hear you better.” All 3 of them hopped on.

As he brought them to his face his wife, who was the biggest of the 3, spoke up. “Thank god you came I didn’t know what we would’ve done! We went to lunch together and when we came back the intern was in the process of stealing the shrink ray we’ve been working on! When we confronted him, he pointed it at us and shrunk us one by one. I guess he felt a little guilty so he used my phone to call you. Then he bolted with the shrink ray.” Tiffany said with a high pitched squeaky voice.

“That son of a bitch! How could he do this to you? Why did he make you all different sizes? Is this reversible?” Kyle asked.

“I don’t think he knew how to use it properly. He was just aiming and shooting and we ended up the sizes we are. We hadn’t yet figured out how to make things bigger yet so I’m afraid we might be stuck this size.” Tiffany said as she got a devilish look in her eye. “This was the first time it’s been used on a human and as it turns out, it makes you really, really horny. The sensations of everything being so much smaller and everything being so much bigger is surprisingly a HUGE turn on!” 

Tiffany was now laying on her back and lifted her leg seductively staring at Kyle with a lustful look in her eyes. The other two women were fondeling themselves and staring at Tiffany’s husband in awe of how big he was. 

Kyle had 3 horny women in his palm and had No idea what to do about it. I’m sure the girls had an idea of what they wanted to do though.

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Nicks birthday wish

Nick was sitting at the kitchen table surrounded by his friends and girlfriend singing him happy birthday. “Make a wish!” Nick’s girlfriend said as they finished singing. He thought for a moment then leaned down and blew out the candles. 

Nick suddenly felt sick “Ughhh I don’t feel so good...” he groaned. His girlfriend looked at him and noticed he looked a little pale. “Nick honey, are you ok?” She asked.

Nick was sweating profusely. “Wha, what’s going on? My whole body is on fire!” Nick exclaimed. He felt hair tickling the back of his neck and ears. “Nick, your hair is red! And it’s growing longer!” His girlfriend said with panic in her voice. Nicks friends looked on in awe as their friend was clearly suffering and changing.

“Oh god it hurts!” Nick yelled, noticing his voice sounding higher pitched than normal. He felt his bones crack and pop as his body shift and move around. Nick saw his perspective change as he sunk into his seat getting shorter as he shrunk to a height of 5’2”. He felt his hips widen as well as his butt expand and spread across his seat. His caught his breath as his waist contracted and squeezed inward. He felt his thighs thicken as well as his arms get shorter and skinnier. “Oh no, not my dick!” Nick screamed as he felt his cock and balls begin to suck into his body forming a nice plump pussy. His vision blurred as his face began to change giving him plump lips, almond eyes, higher cheekbones and a cute little nose. The last change happened suddenly, as two huge boobs exploded out of his shirt and landed right on top of the cake.

As the changes finished, Nick was sitting there panting wondering what had just happened. His friends were still standing around the table staring at him, their mouths agape. No one really knew what to say as they had just watch their friend turn from a large 6’5” man to a tiny 5’2” woman with the biggest boobs they’ve ever seen.

Nicks girlfriend finally spoke up “Nick, what the hell just happened?”

Nick sat there still panting and taking in the sensations of his new body. He grabbed his new boobs and lifted them out of the cake, feeling their immense weight. “It must’ve been my wish.”

“Your wish? What the hell did you wish for?” She Asked bewildered.

Nick looked down sheepishly and replied “To have a short curvy girl with huge titties that I could grab anytime I want. Guess I got my wish.”

Monday, March 18, 2019

Stuck with Jenny’s big butt

“Good lord this girls ass is HUGE!” I said as I measured my new hips and ass. I was masturbating to the mental image of my coworker Jenny when the FOSE hit, causing her and I to switch bodies. 

“45 inches. I always knew Jenny had a big butt but measuring it myself really puts its size into perspective!” He dropped the tape and wiggled his butt, feeling it’s hefty weight jiggle around. “Gosh this is so weird. At least if I’m stuck in Jenny’s body, I’ve got a big fat ass to play with!” I said reaching back and grabbing two handfuls and squeezing my soft butt.

Thursday, March 14, 2019

Hungover and tiny

Jared woke up groggy and hungover. He looked around, trying to get his bearings. That’s when he saw how expansive the bed he was laying on was as well as how big his wife Kim and another woman they had picked up at a bar last night were. He then took inventory of his own situation and realized he was about 6 inches tall and in the voluptuous body of some woman he didn’t recognize. 

“Oh man.” Jared said as he grabbed a handful of his large breasts “Kim must’ve used the bodyapp on me last night. I barely remember a thing.”

Jared would have to wait until his wife and the other woman woke up before they could piece last night together.

Monday, March 11, 2019

Tiny fuck doll

Chris and Beth loves using the bodyapp on each other and occasionally used it to swap bodies to spice up their sex life. They appreciated each other’s bodies and enjoyed being each other from time to time.

Chris (in Beth’s body) was stroking his former cock while Beth (in Chris’s body) was sucking on her former titties. They were both deeply in the throes of passion when Chris had an idea.

Chris leaned into Beth’s ear “You know what would be hot?” She whispered “Shrink me. Make me small. Like really small. I want you to use me as a fuck doll.”

That idea made Beth’s cock stiffen harder than it already was. Beth grabbed her phone and opened up the bodyapp. She opened Chris’s profile and adjusted the size. Beth couldn’t wait to see how her old body would look tiny!

Suddenly the cock in Chris’s hand started expanding while he stroked it. Soon he could barely reach around it. Then he could barely fit both hands around it, but he continued stroking. Soon after that he had to bear hug it as his height dwindled further and further. Finally he could no longer reach all the way around it and was forced to let go as he shrunk even further down, looking up at the monolithic cock growing bigger in front of him.

Beth looked down at Chris as he shrunk tinier and tinier. The sight of that almost caused her to climax, but she held it together, not wanting to waste this opportunity. The smaller Chris got the harder it was getting to see him. The shrinking finally stopped when her former body was only an inch tall!

Chris felt the shrinking stop and looked up at his former body. His old cock was enourmous! He could feel the heat emanating from it. He looked straight ahead and saw that he was barely as tall as his testicles. “Oh my...” he said to himself “I did ask to be really small. I’ve never been so horny in my life!.” Chris was incredibly horny at the sight of Beth’s huge package. As he walked up to it, he could feel his juices running down his legs.

Beth leaned down so Chris could climb on top of her cock and straddle it. Her tiny fuck doll had a big job ahead of her.

Saturday, March 9, 2019

My wife turned me into a catgirl

Karen has been working on a new transformation chamber in her basement lab. She was finally ready to test it, and had asked her husband Chris to be the test subject. He was a little apprehensive, but Karen was a genius inventor, so he trusted her. He agreed to be the first test subject.

“What are you going to transform me into?” Chris asked. Curious as to what his wife had in mind.

“For my first test, I’m going to transform you into a woman I found on the internet. She petite and very attractive. I think you’ll approve.” Karen said as she made last minute adjustments to her machine.

Chris got nervous. Was he ready to be a woman? To be honest the idea kind of excited him. He always wondered what it would be like to be the fairer sex but he never thought he’d get to experience it. He will now!

“Alright, step into the chamber. Time for the first test!” Karen said giddily. Chris walked over and stepped into the chamber as karen shut the heavy chamber door behind him.

Chris stood inside the chamber nervously awaiting his transformation. As he heard the machine start to hum to life, he felt something brush his foot. He looked down and saw their pet cat. 

“Oh no, the cats in here!” Chris panicked. “Hey Karen! Stop the machine! The cats in here!” He yelled while banging on the locked door. Unfortunately his wife couldn’t hear him through the thick metal of the machine. She flipped the switch and the transformation chamber transformed her husband.

When the machine was done, Karen unlocked and opened the door. She was not prepared for what walked through the door. Chris looked exactly like the girl she scanned into the program, but with cat ears and a cat tail!

“Oh no...babe I have no idea how this happened! I’ll try and figure it out as soon as I can!” She ran over to her computer to see what had happened.

“I know what happened...” Chris started to say but was suprised by his higher pitched voice “when I stepped into the machine, the cat was in there!” As he said that he felt his tail brush the back of his leg as it swished back and forth. That made him reach up and feel the ears poking through the hair on top of his head. “I think the machine combined the cat and I!”

Karen stopped what she was doing and looked at the catgirl she had turned her husband into. “Baby I’m so sorry. This isn’t what  I intended to happen at all. Go up stairs while I work on this and I’ll let you know when I have this figured out.” 

Chris walked upstairs, his furry tail swishing behind him. He walked into their bedroom and Looked at himself in front of a mirror. “Wow, I’m pretty young. And hot!” He said as he inspected his new body. He squatted down and snapped a picture of himself “At least I’m a sexy catgirl!”

Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Searching for the artifact

Tim stared at the island he was just rescued from. Tim was an archeologist and was exploring an island that was previously inhabited by an ancient Indian tribe known for strange rituals. Tim was spotted by a passing boat naked on the beach, waving frantically. The crew on the boat couldn’t believe what they were seeing. An incredibly sexy and ridiculously proportioned woman was waving them down To be rescued from a deserted island.

Tim had been on the island searching an old Indian temple when he can across a room full of ancient artifacts. In the middle of the room on a pedestal, he saw an artifact he recognized as the fertility goddess. He had been searching for this his whole career and was ecstatic! He retrieved the artifact from the pedestal, but that’s where Tim’s troubles began.

The artifact started glowing, then Tim began to feel as if his body was on fire. He felt himself rapidly losing height as he shrunk from 6’5” to a petite 5’0. Hair sprouted from the top of his head and fell in front of his face and down his back, stopping midway down. Tim doubled over in pain as he felt his waist constrict to an incredibly slim size while his hips flared out considerably giving himself an exaggerated hourglass shape. The pain subsided as he started to feel his breasts start to expand, stopping at a large and firm 38DDD. Tim then felt his thighs thickening and his ass expanding. He soon had a set of thick juicy thighs and a very large very round bubble butt. Lastly, his penis and scrotum slowly shriveled and sucked into his body, turning into a tight pussy.

Tim was freaking out about the transformation he had just endured. “Holy shit, what just happened to me!” He said in his new high pitched feminine voice. “The stories of the curse of the fertility goddess must be real! Which means...I’ve been turned into a real life fertility goddess! My body is built for fucking and breeding!” Tim wished there was a mirror nearby, he was really curious about what he now looked like.

Tim ran out of the temple eager to get off the island before he was affected by any more cursed artifacts. He made his way to the beach, flagging down the first boat he saw. Judging from the way they were staring at him, and the bulges in their pants, he knew he must be pretty attractive. He wondered what this new life had in store for him.

Tuesday, March 5, 2019

His best friends daughter

Nick layed on the floor of his bedroom grabbing his new boobs in his newly transformed body. He had just recited a spell to transform himself into the body of the hot 20 year old daughter of his best friend, Caitlyn. As she grew older and developed as a teenager, he couldn’t help but lust for her from afar, knowing he could never cross that line. Especially with him being 40 and married!

One day he stumbled across a website that claimed to have spells that could change a variety of things. He searched until he found one that claimed to turn you into anyone you desired, and he knew just who that would be. He recited the spell and immediately felt dizzy. He passed out and fell out of his chair.

When he awoke, he was laying on the floor still wearing his oversized jacket. When he attempted to get up, he realized something was very different. He saw hair fall in his face and felt a jiggle on his chest. When he looked down, he saw two very modest breasts! Looking further he saw a flat stomach, a slim waist, and a cute little pussy. He was overwhelmed with emotions as he was both extremely turned on and shocked that the spell worked in the first place. He immediately started groping his new tits smiling from ear to ear knowing he now possessed the body of his best friends daughter. 

In a couple of hours his wife would come home from work and he would have to explain why he was now a 20 year old female.  But he wasn’t worried about that right now.

Accident in the garage

Brad was at work when he received a strange text from his wife ‘HRY HME ACIDNT.’

“Oh no, Kathy had an accident in the garage?!?” Brad panicked and tried to call her but when she answered he could only hear a squeaking sound.

Kathy was a scientist for a large corporation but she often worked on her own experiments at home. Lately she has been working on some sort of shrink ray in the garage, but brad wasnt sure how far along she was in her testing. When he arrived home, he rushed out to the garage but he didn’t see her. 

“Hello? Kathy are you out here?” Brad yelled as he was scanning the room. He saw Kathy’s  phone on the desk but didn’t see her. He walked over to grab her phone but was surprised by what he saw next. Next to his wife’s phone was his wife, less than an inch tall.

Brad leaned down to get a closer look “Oh my god, Kathy?!! What happened? Why are you so tiny?”

Kathy tried telling Brad what happened, but at her small stature all he could hear is high pitched squeaking.

“I can’t hear you. Hold on, let me pick you up and bring you closer to hear you better.”

Brad brought his hand down to the desk “step onto my finger nail.”

He raised his miniature wife up to his eye to get a better look. “Wow, you fit on my fingernail. You are so small! I can barely see you!” Brads voice was so loud to Kathy’s tiny ears.

“I know!” Squeaked Kathy. He could hear her, but she still had to yell. “ I was testing the shrink ray and it accidentally fired and hit me. It shrunk me to a ¼ inch tall! Thank goodness  I was next to my phone and I could text you to come home! You should have seen me trying to hop on the keyboard to type the text I sent you! The letters on the phone are bigger than I am!”

As she was yelling up to husband, her situation hit home as she looked at the vastness of her husbands giant face. “Holy cow, I’m really, really small…I can stand on his fingernail, I’m smaller than his eyeball. I may have really messed up here. I hope I’m not stuck this small forever!”

“Can this be fixed? I’ll do anything I need to to fix the machine!” Brads voice boomed

“I’m not sure, but I’ll definitely need your help! I haven’t tested the shrink ray to see if it will grow stuff back. I hope I’m not stuck this small!”

Monday, March 4, 2019

Lost Super Bowl bet payoff

Steve and brad had a bet on the Super Bowl. Most bets have money or dares on the line, unless your best friend works at a top secret lab. Then the stakes get a lot higher.

“Touchdown! I win! You know what that means brad...” Steve said with a smirk on his face. He went to his safe and pulled out a top secret device his lab had been working on that can change people in infinite ways. 

Brad gulped “yeah I do. What are you going to turn me into?”

“You’ll find out in just a second...” Steve said as he adjusted the settings on the device. When he was done he pointed it at Brad and said “don’t worry buddy, you’re gonna have a lot of fun with what I have in store for you!” ZAP!

Brad was blinded by a bright light and suddenly felt like he was falling. He when he hit the ground, he was in complete darkness and covered with heavy fabric. He heard the muffled laughter of his buddy Steve but couldn’t see anything! He felt the fabric moving around and suddenly could see again. When he looked up, he saw the gigantic face of his buddy Steve! 

“Oh my god, you made me tiny! He said in a squeaky female voice. He covered his mouth in shock at what his voice sounded like. That’s when he looked down and took note of the other changes Steve had made. “You, you made me a woman! I’ve got tits! Really BIG tits!” He exclaimed as he grabbed a handful of the biggest tits he’s ever felt. Then he reached back and felt on his very large very soft butt. “What ass is HUGE! How can my ass be this big! It feels like a shelf! I have to have one of the biggest asses ever!” Brad said as he kneaded his ample behind.

Right about then Steve reaches down and grabbed his friend. “Wow, you turned out great! This device really is something!” Steve walked over to the bedroom and started removing his pants. He then layed down and placed his tiny transformed friend on his stomach. “You know the rules. The loser has to do what the other says for a week. I think you know what I want...” 

Brad turned around and looked at the giant erection only a couple inches away from where he was standing. He walked over to it and noticed it was slightly taller than he was. He knew he should be grossed out by all this but his body was incredibly turned on by being next to his best friends gigantic cock. He felt the heat from it as he reached up and began rubbing the head and grinding his tits and pussy into the shaft. Brad was loving how his new body felt!

As Brad brought his friend to climax he thought “this isn’t so bad. Maybe I can be his sex pet longer than a week!”

Sunday, March 3, 2019

Cake topper

Kendra was set to marry Steve, the love of her life tomorrow. Too bad Steve’s ex Beth had other plans.

While Kendra was going over last minute details for the wedding, Beth walked into the wedding venue. Beth began to recite a spell and soon after, Kendra was shrinking down inside of her clothes. She shrunk all the way down to 6 inches tall.

“Now that you’re out of the way, Steve will have to marry me!” Said Beth.

“Steve will never marry you! Make me big again you crazy bitch!” Squeaked the tiny Kendra.

“Oh he’ll marry me once he sees that your the size of a Barbie doll! Speaking of which sit here, you’ll make a great cake topper!”

Friday, March 1, 2019

Disney princess

“Wow, Snow White has a sexier body than I could’ve ever imagined.” Whispered Chris as he snapped a pic of his new body.

Chris was babysitting his niece while his brother and his wife were having a night out. They were playing with her Disney princess dolls when his niece looked up at him and said “Uncle Chris, I wish you were Snow White. That would be awesome!”

“Well sweetheart I’m not, so your dolls will have to do.” Just then Chris felt dizzy and passed out.

 When he woke up, his niece was yelling “It worked! It worked! You’re really Snow White!” He woke up confused at what she was talking about. There was long hair in his face and why was he wearing a dress? He tried to stand up slowly but had trouble because his whole center of gravity felt different than before. He felt a large weight on his chest and he felt as if he wasn’t as tall as usual.

“Sweetie, I’m gonna go use the bathroom.” Chris said in a sing songy voice he wasn’t familiar with. He immediately cupped his hand over his mouth and turned around and ran as fast as he could to the bathroom.

When he got there he struggled getting the brightly colored dress off only to reveal an amazingly curvy female body! He ran over to the mirror and saw the familiar face of the Disney character Snow White. “Holy shit, her wish really did come true. I’m Snow White.”

Another FOSE victim