Thursday, May 16, 2019

Double crossed at the lab

Nick was an up and coming engineer at a top secret government lab. He had been working on a transformation ray that would allow the military to transform themselves or the enemy in any way they could possibly imagine. He was almost finished with it. He just had to put it through some tests to verify it worked correctly. 

One day while he was out to lunch his lab assistant Chris hatched a plan to use the transformation ray against Nick and steal the technology for himself. Not only that, but if the technology actually worked, he might get himself a little pet in the process. He programmed in the body of a female pornstar and scaled it down to 3 inches. All he had to do now was wait for Nick to come back from lunch. 

When Nick arrived back from lunch Chris very quickly aimed the transformation ray at Nick and fired it before he could process what happened. The test was successful and Nick was reduced to a 3 inch extremely voluptuous woman. Chris reaches into the pile of clothes and grabbed the reduced Nick and put him into a backpack along with the transformation ray, quickly exiting the lab before anyone figured out what had happened. 

Now Chris is at home marveling at the tiny woman that used to be his boss. He now had full control over him and decided to exercise it. He placed Nick on his erect cock and instructed him to rub himself on it until he climaxed. If he didn’t, he might be reduced even further... 

Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Becoming his daughters best friend

Steve was a single father. he tried his hardest to try to relate and bond with his daughter but she refused his efforts, frustrating him. Steve was sitting on the couch drinking one night after his daughter had gone to bed thinking trying to come up with a way to find common ground with his beloved daughter. “I just wish I could be closer to her” he said while taking another sip of his beer. Shortly after that he blacked out.

Steve awoke the next morning. He was confused because he was in a bed. He looked around the room he was in and didn’t recognize it. He sat up in bed and felt unfamiliar sensations from his body. He saw hair fall in front of his face. His nipples rubbed the inside of the shirt he was wearing and felt electric sensations. He tossed the covers off the bed and saw small female legs and an empty cavity between them. “What the fuck?!?” Steve exclaimed. He was shocked by his high pitched female voice. He jumped out of bed with tremendous energy and ease and ran to the mirror next to his bed.

He looked at the petite female body in the mirror only wearing a hoodie and no bottoms. He immediately knew the girl staring back at him. “Holy shit, I’m Kelsie, my daughters best friend.” He thought back on last night, sitting on the couch. “I guess my wish came true. How else could I be closer to my daughter than to be her best friend?”

The more he stared at himself in the mirror he got increasingly curious. He started to explore his new tiny female body. He layed on the bed and grabbed the cell phone he saw on the bedside table. He opened the camera app and pointed it over his shoulder. “God damn, Kelsie has a hot little body.” Steve said as he snapped a picture of his new ass and pussy. “Maybe I’ll hit up my daughter later. But for now...” he snapped another pic.

Thursday, May 9, 2019

Cory loses a chore bet

“You missed a spot over there!” Laughed Katy as she watched Cory, her boyfriend vacuum the apartment. 

Katy and Cory had made a wager on a football game and the loser had to do all the chores in their underwear. However Katy is a witch, and decided to spice up the bet. When Cory started doing the chores she snapped her fingers changing him into a female version of himself. 

“Oh come on!” Complained Cory as he stood there in a shirt shoes and thong. “This wasn’t part of the bet!” 

Katy just laughed at her boyfriends protesting. “Quit complaining or ill shrink you down to half your size! Then the chores will be twice as difficult! The quicker you finish the quicker I’ll change you back!”

Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Stacy surprises her boyfriend

Chris came home after a long day at work and just wanted to relax. He didn’t immediately see Stacy, his girlfriend, as he came in and plopped down on the couch. “Hey Chris! Come into the bedroom!” He heard her call from the bedroom. He begrudgingly got up and headed over to the bedroom.

As he walked in he saw his girlfriend on the bed completely naked with her hands behind her back. Her body was magnificent with huge perky breasts and curvy shape. He immediately felt his dick stir in his pants at the mere sight of her. 

“Hey babe! I’ve got a surprise for you!” She said in a giddy voice. “Oh yeah what’s that?” Chris said still Gawking at her naked body. She pulled her hands from out from behind her back and pointed what appeared to be a toy gun at him. He looked at it and chuckled. “A toy gun? That’s your surprise? That’s really cute babe.” Stacy grinned really big “Oh it’s not a toy gun, silly! I’ll show you what it does!” Next thing Chris knew he heard a *ZAP* and saw a bright flash of light.

Chris was rubbing his eyes due to the bright flash. As he opened his eyes he looked at his girlfriend and his jaw dropped. He had to look up, way up, to see the huge grin on her face. “It’s a transformation ray! Isn’t it super cool? I changed you into a woman and made you tiny! Oh my god you turned out really sexy!” Chris looked down at himself and verified that she was right, he was a bombshell. Huge tits, flat stomach, slim waist, wide hips, round ass, he had it all. He looked up at his girlfriend quizzically. “But-but why? Why did you turn me into a tiny woman?” Stacy giggled. “For fun silly! You know I’m bi so I thought if this transformation ray worked it would be fun to turn you into a woman to experience the other side of things. And I made you tiny because I wanted to have control over you.” 

Chris gulped at that last part. Stacy smiled and leaned forward and reached for Chris. “Now relax and let’s have some fun!”

Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Cliff is now a giant redhead

Stacy stood in the doorway of her bedroom porch drinking coffee. She had just woke up and thought some coffee on the porch sounded nice.

Stacy’s husband Cliff had stayed up all night working on a transformation ray that could change organic matter in any way you could possibly imagine. He was bearing a breakthrough so he decided to power through the night to finish his invention.

As dawn approached he finished his transformation ray. “Finally, it’s finished!” Cliff said with sleep in his eyes. He was exited to test it, and wanted to use himself as the first guinea pig. If anything failed he would suffer the consequences.

He walked over to the screen and pulled up a picture of an attractive redhead he found online and decided he would try turn himself into that woman. “This is the moment of truth. If I can change myself into this woman, I will have succeeded in the biggest scientific breakthrough in years!” He messed with the settings and set the timer, running to stand in front of the ray before it went off. “Well, here goes nothing!” *ZAP*

After the ray hit him he was woozy and disoriented. He stumbled around like he was drunk but through the haze he noticed things were different. He saw red hair in front of his face. He looked down and saw boobs on his chest. The realization that it worked snapped him of his fog as he looked and groped at his new body. “Oh my god...oh my god I did it! It worked! I’m female!” 

He looked around the room and suddenly realized something was wrong. He had been turned into the woman on the screen but his perspective seemed off. He felt like he was way taller than he should be considering the woman was supposed to be 5’4”. “Uh, something isn’t right. Let’s check the settings on the ray.”

Cliff walked over to the screen and saw the woman’s pic on the screen. He looked at all the settings and everything looked normal, except the height. One how he had flubbed the numbers in his haste to use the ray. Instead of her height being set at 5’4”, it was 54’. Suddenly he felt his perspective changing again, his now female body growing larger. “Oh shit! I fucked up! I gotta get outta here before I destroy the house!” Cliff ran as fast as he could towards the door as his body quickly expanded. As he got closer to the door his head hit the ceiling. He got on all fours and crawled as fast as he could out the door, his hips and ass getting caught in the door frame. “Oh no, my ass is stuck!” He stuck his hands against the house and pushed, freeing his expanding backside from the doorway before he managed to cause any damage. He landed out in the yard with an “Oof!” And kept expanding across the lawn until he reached his full height of 54 feet.

Meanwhile Stacy was drinking coffee on the upstairs patio when suddenly a giant naked redhead stood up, blocking her view of the rising sun. She dropped her coffee and screamed. “Wha-what the hell! Who are you? Your gigantic!” Stacy stammered not really knowing what to make of the giant woman standing on her lawn. “Um, hey babe, it’s me. Your husband Cliff. I uh...may have had a little mishap with the transformation ray ive been working on.” He said sheepishly while staring down at his tiny wife on the patio. “Do you think you could go downstairs and help me fix this before the neighbors wake up and see me?”

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