Sunday, February 24, 2019

Accident while using the app

It has been a week since the accident, but Chris and Beth were adjusting well. They were having some size change fun in each other’s bodies and Beth (in Chris’s body) spilled water all over the phone, the one with the BodyApp they used to change themselves.

Initially there was some shock at their predicament. How were they going to fix this? Were they stuck in each other’s bodies? Was Chris stuck in his beth’s body at 5 inches tall?

The phone was toast, but they had a replacement on the way. It would be a week or two, and there was nothing they could do about it.

In the meantime, they were doing what they could to deal with their predicament. As long as Chris was stuck in the overly developed body of his Barbie sized girlfriend, he was gonna enjoy every second of it. His girlfriend was thick in all the right places, and he enjoyed possessing those curves. The shape of her body drove him crazy as a man, and it was doing the same thing to his girlfriend in his former body.

Beth leaned down to where Chris was shaking her fat ass. “I see you enjoy this ass as much as I do.” Said Chris grabbing his huge cheeks and waving them right at his girlfriends giant body.

“You have my dick hard as a rock right now! Now you have to help me take care of this monster!”

Beth walked sexily toward the gigantic cock staring him right in the face. Chris had a big dick to begin with, but it was something to behold at 5 inches tall. It was way longer than he was tall and the head of it was bigger than his head! He put a hand on it and was surprised by how hard and firm it was. Chris hiked a leg and slid onto it and was surprised when his former cock could support his weight.

They were having too much fun at the moment. They weren’t really worried about when the new phone would get here.

Friday, February 22, 2019

3 way BodyApp fun

Chris and Jessica like to hit the bars and try to bring home willing participants for some 3 way fun. But not the fun you’d think…

Once they find someone and bring the girl to the house, Chris and the girl start to mess around while Jessica watches in the background and makes adjustments to her body on the BodyApp. 

It always shocks them initially when Jessica casually walks up at 3 inches tall and wants to join in. They get over it pretty quickly when they see how sexy she is at her tiny size.

They really get into it when they start sucking Chris’s cock with Jessica laying on top of it, watching her furiously masturbate on top of his big cock.

Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Jessica’s big butt

John had a crush on one of his classmates Jessica. He had a thing for short thick girls and man she was one of the thickest. One night he was at home stroking himself lusting after Jessica’s huge ass when the FOSE hit, causing him to swap bodies with her.

Lusting after her big butt was one thing, but being the one with the big butt was another. Finding clothes to fit such a big butt was very difficult. Walking around and feeling the weight of it was different too. It moved around quite a bit as he walked and always seemed to bump into stuff. But the attention this big bit got him was insane. The constant stares and comments were getting to be a bit much. He had no idea being in Jessica’s body would be such a challenge.

Monday, February 18, 2019

A break from folding laundry

Wife was in the bedroom folding laundry when she suddenly Had trouble folding the shirt she was holding.. “What the hell?” She said as she felt herself start to slowly shrink. She dwindled slowly on top of her pile of clothes until she reached 3 inches tall. She looked around confused as to what just happened to her. Suddenly, a giant naked woman walked into the room that she did not recognize.

“Were you surprised?” The woman asked. Wife didn’t know what to say because she still wasn’t sure what was going on.

“It’s me! Your husband!”. He used the BodyApp to change both of them from the other room. 

“Oh! I wasn’t sure who you were! One moment I’m folding laundry, the next moment I’m tiny!” She squeaked up at the giant female body her husband currently possessed.

 “I was bored, and horny. Thought I’d mix it up a bit. I found this thick chick online and thought it would be fun for me to try her body out. And to shrink you down and have some fun at the same time.” Said husband as he sexily sauntered up to the edge of the bed. Wife could only stare at the giant pussy and furry bush that was right in front of her face.

“Oh look, you’re the perfect height” hubby giggled. Wife walked toward his giantess pussy in front of her. She could smell that the body her hubby was wearing was getting turned on. 

I guess the laundry will have to wait!

Sunday, February 10, 2019

I can barely reach

When I agreed to exchange bodies with my wife for the weekend I didn’t think about the day to day struggles of being in her body. I had a difficult time reaching anything on the top shelf in her 5’2 frame. That was a shock for me as my male body was 6’5. I obviously knew my wife was pretty short, but seeing things from such a low angle really puts things in perspective for you.

Then there was her butt. My wife may be small, but she’s always had a huge ass, thick thighs, and wide hips. I’ve always loved that about her. But when you possess these curves, it’s a chore to deal with. The way these hips naturally sway when I walk, the jiggle of these massive cheeks, carrying around this caboose all day is interesting to say the least. It’s like sitting on a pillow. Softer than I would’ve imagined it to be. Getting dressed however is a pain in the ass, no pun intended. Putting on panties isn’t so bad, this big ass swallows everything and turns it into a thong. It is difficult, however, to get a pair of pants over this big ass and around these hips. Lots of wiggling involved. But one in them I do have to admit, my ass looks magnificent in just about anything!

Now combine those two factors and you can see why I’m currently having trouble lifting my big ass onto the counter so I can reach for something on the top shelf. All the while my wife in my body is laughing and staring at my ass the whole time.

Saturday, February 9, 2019

Showing the app to her friend

Hubby went with Wife and one of her friends to have some coffee at the local coffee shop. He didn’t much care to be a 3rd wheel, but Wife wanted him to go so he did.

During the coffee date Wife started to tell her friend about the BodyApp and how her and hubby were really enjoying its many uses. Her friend couldn’t believe it!

“So it’s just an app on your phone? There’s no way this could work. You can’t just shrink and grow people!” Wife’s friend said.

“Oh it does more than shrink or grow people. Right husband?” Wife glanced at me and winked

“That’s right. We’ve had some crazy fun with that app. You can change anything you want with that app. Size, gender, body shape, whatever you want.” Hubby said.

“I don’t believe you. Prove it!” Said the friend.

“Alright. I’ll prove it.” Wife said as she pulled out her phone. “Watch this…”

As soon as hubby heard that he knew what was coming. He soon felt his clothes getting loose and his body shifting around as he shrank. As he slipped into the neck of his shirt, he felt breasts starting to grow on his chest. He was being swallowed by his clothes and shrinking smaller. He saw long blonde hair start to fall in front of his face. His waist was pulling in while his hips widened slightly. He was in complete darkness under his pile of clothes and still shrinking further. “Man, how small is she gonna make me? Probably pretty small just to drive the point home to her friend.” He felt himself stop shrinking but couldn’t see a thing. He heard muffled voices of his wife and friend and felt the clothes start to move. They were looking for him in the pile. He finally saw his clothes move and a giant hand of his wife’s reach in to grab him.

Wife grabbed he tiny female body of her hubby and set him on the table in front of her friend. Her friend couldn’t believe what she was seeing. “WOW! I can’t believe it! That’s your husband?!? He’s so tiny! And a woman! Look at him, he’s gorgeous! He looks so hot!”

I’d never been paraded around like this in a tiny female body, so I didn’t know exactly how to act. “Well, thanks I guess.” Was all I could muster. I was embarrassed and incredibly turned on at the exact same time. I was 4 inches tall, in the body of a very attractive woman, and naked on the table in the middle of a coffee shop. I felt very vulnerable and sexy.

As the girls talked more about the app, I decided to explore the table at my size and saw my wife’s coffee right behind me. I walked over to it, checked the temp, and climbed over the edge and hopped right in. It was warm, like a hot tub. I lowered myself down into the coffee and played in the foam. My wife and her friend just watched me, her friend amazed at what she was seeing.

“Oh my god, I have to try this with my husband! What was the name of that app again?”

Saturday, February 2, 2019

hubbies wandering eye

Husband had been looking forward to some size related sexual activity when they got home from their date. He had been begging his wife to shrink him down and let him explore her giant body.

When they arrived home they both got naked and prepared for some fun. Wife had even put in her favorite buttplug. Wife Pulled out her phone to make some adjustments to her husband. She opened the BodyApp and started making adjustments.

Husband was getting excited when he saw Wife making adjustments on her phone. He knew that he would be shrinking shortly. He saw his wife giggling while on her phone and was slightly uneasy about what she had in mind.

“Honey, what’s so funny?”

“Oh you’ll see in a second!” She snickered.

Wife hit SAVE on the app. Husband immediately started to feel that shrinking feeling. He also started to feel an uneasy feeling in his stomach. A constricting feeling in his midsection and expanding feeling in his chest and hips? Oh no... what other changes did she make?

“Wait, did you change me into a girl? This isn’t exactly what I was expecting.” Husband asked as he shrunk down past 3 feet tall. 

“I saw how you were looking at the waitress tonight. I thought you might want to get your hands on her body since you were staring at it all night.” Wife grinned as she said it.

“I’m sorry, honey! She was very attractive you have to admit. I couldn’t help but stare!” Husband pleaded as he shrunk down to 2 feet and turned into a copy of the attractive waitress he listed after all night.

“It’s okay. I’m not mad! Just thought I’d teach you a lesson in respecting women. Your gonna take care of your wife tonight in the body of that woman you lusted after. And your gonna stay like that until I feel you’ve learned your lesson.”

By the time she was done talking, I had shrunk down to a final height of 2 inches tall. Wife laid on the bed, picked up my tiny body, and placed me in between her legs.

“If I were you, I’d get started on making sure I’m satisfied! Maybe then I’ll consider changing you back!” Wife laughed as she stuck her pussy into my tiny form.

Taking her cue, I reached up and started rubbing my wife’s giant clit.

“Oh god, your tiny hands feel amazing!” My giant wife moaned as I rubbed her clit as hard as my tiny body could.

I hope I can satisfy her enough to want to change me back!

Friday, February 1, 2019

Never piss off a waitress

Husband was out with the guys for some beers. While at the ‘breastaurant’ the guys started giving the waitress too hard of a time. He slapped the waitresses ass as she walked away from the table, angering the waitress. Well, what we didn’t know, was she was a witch. And she wanted to teach us a lesson.

Wife had to come pick us up from the restaurant due to the waitress shrinking us down into tiny little dolls! The waitress said she wanted us to be as small as we made her feel. She used to my phone to call my wife and told her I needed to be picked up. When wife got to the restaurant, she handed her a small doggie bag and told her to leave immediately or else she would meet a similar fate as her husband. When she asked what that meant, she told her to open the bag when she got home and she would understand.

When wife got home, she opened the bag and dumped the contents into her hand. Two tiny woman rolled out. Wife was stunned “Oh my god, what happened to you guys?!?”

“That bitch waitress shrunk us and turned us into women! She said it was to teach us a lesson!” Squeaked the smaller woman.

“Which one of you is my husband?”
“Me!” Said the smaller of the two, raising her hand.
“How did you end up smaller than your friend?”

“When she initially shrunk us, I was furious! I started yelling at her and cussing her out! She didn’t care for that So…she made me half her size…” hubby said as he looked Over and up at his friend who was also tiny, but towered over him. “Now I only come up to her butt!” He said as he gestured to his taller transformed friend next to him.

Wife wasn’t sure what she was gonna do with a 3 inch husband and his 7 inch friend. Was there anyway to fix this? We’re they stuck that way forever?

Another FOSE victim