Sunday, February 24, 2019

Accident while using the app

It has been a week since the accident, but Chris and Beth were adjusting well. They were having some size change fun in each other’s bodies and Beth (in Chris’s body) spilled water all over the phone, the one with the BodyApp they used to change themselves.

Initially there was some shock at their predicament. How were they going to fix this? Were they stuck in each other’s bodies? Was Chris stuck in his beth’s body at 5 inches tall?

The phone was toast, but they had a replacement on the way. It would be a week or two, and there was nothing they could do about it.

In the meantime, they were doing what they could to deal with their predicament. As long as Chris was stuck in the overly developed body of his Barbie sized girlfriend, he was gonna enjoy every second of it. His girlfriend was thick in all the right places, and he enjoyed possessing those curves. The shape of her body drove him crazy as a man, and it was doing the same thing to his girlfriend in his former body.

Beth leaned down to where Chris was shaking her fat ass. “I see you enjoy this ass as much as I do.” Said Chris grabbing his huge cheeks and waving them right at his girlfriends giant body.

“You have my dick hard as a rock right now! Now you have to help me take care of this monster!”

Beth walked sexily toward the gigantic cock staring him right in the face. Chris had a big dick to begin with, but it was something to behold at 5 inches tall. It was way longer than he was tall and the head of it was bigger than his head! He put a hand on it and was surprised by how hard and firm it was. Chris hiked a leg and slid onto it and was surprised when his former cock could support his weight.

They were having too much fun at the moment. They weren’t really worried about when the new phone would get here.

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