Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Steve has some fun while his wife and daughter are out of town

“Hannah has some small tits, but damn she’s got a big ass!” Steve said in his daughters best friends body. Steve lusted after his daughters best friend but was married and knew there was nothing he could do. She was short and petite, probably 5’2. But she had one of the biggest bubble butts Steve had ever seen on a girl her size! His wife and daughter went out of town for the weekend so Steve thought this would be a great opportunity to try out a new app he downloaded on his phone. 

The Bodyapp allowed you to upload a picture and change anything you want about it, then apply the changes to yourself or anyone else. He uploaded a picture of Hannah, and decided not to change anything at first because he wanted to experience her body the way it naturally was. He felt his heart beating as he hit SAVE on the app. He then blacked out.

When Steve woke up he knew it had worked. He had hair in front of his face and the hand that was grabbing it was small and feminine. He looked down and saw two small breasts on his chest. He got up and walked over to a full length mirror and admired his new reflection. Steve grabbed his phone and turned sideways to look at his big new bubble butt, snapping some pictures for later. Steve was Looking forward to enjoying his weekend alone in Hannah’s body.

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