Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Josh doesn’t understand

Josh had just dropped his girlfriend off at her house after a date night. On the way back to her house they had gotten into an argument that got pretty heated. As Josh’s girlfriend exited the car she yelled “I wish you understood how I felt sometimes, you jerk!” And slammed the door.

Josh just sat in his car reflecting on what had just happened when he suddenly felt uneasy. He felt his whole body tingle. His scalp began to itch and as he reached up to grab it he grabbed a handful of brown curly hair. “What the...” Josh started to say as the hair filled the hood of his sweatshirt and tumbled down his face.

He felt himself sink down in his seat as he started to shrink in height. As he felt himself move in his seat he also felt his hips widen against the armrest and door getting snug. He looked down in time to see his thighs thicken and ass fatten in his seat. He felt as if he was now sitting on a pillow. It was surprising how different it felt.

The whole time his lower half was changing he had a raging hardon in his shorts. It was now nestled between two incredibly thick thighs but that was about to change as he watched it start to retreat into his body. “Oh god please no! Not my dick!” Josh yelled as he felt it slowly suck itself into his midsection. It got smaller and smaller and soon he didn’t see it tenting his shorts anymore. He then felt and uncomfortable feeling as he heard them slurp into his body. Josh stuck his hands into his pants and knew what he’d find before he even felt it. A very wet and very plump pussy greeted his fingers.

Josh’s perspective had changed dramatically. He could no longer see out of his side or rear view mirrors with his now short stature. That was the least of his concerns as he felt a pressure building in his chest. He felt two things start to expand and soon run out of room in his hoodie. “Unggghhhhh these things are getting really biiiiggggg.” Josh groaned as he frantically tried to unzip the sweatshirt, but they were already to big to successfully do that. The pressure continued to built until finally they bust through the zipper and exploded out of his sweatshirt. They continued to expand until they almost rested in his lap. These breasts were bigger than anything he’d ever seen.

Josh sat there panting, the changes finally over. He tried to make sense of what just happened. His girlfriend had walked back out to the car to apologize.

“Listen josh I’m sorry I...what the fuck, who the fuck are you? And why are you in my boyfriends car you slut??” She yelled. Josh sat the dumbfounded, still processing what had happened to him.

“I...uh...it’s uh...it’s me babe. It’s josh.” He finally managed to get out with his new sultry female voice. “As soon as you slammed my door I started changing. I think this might have something to do with your wish...” he trailed off

Josh’s girlfriend took inventory of his new body, hovering over his new giant boobs. “Well, I guess the gods took my wish quite literally haha! Damn you turned out hot!” She laughed as she grabbed joshs hand. “Come on in sweetie. I’ll get you some more appropriate clothes for that new body of yours. You’re gonna need em!”


  1. Hope to see more caps soon. Love your work

  2. Hey! Haven't seen anything for a while, hope life is going well. Cheers mate!


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