Thursday, August 18, 2022

Surprising my wife


I guess this is what I get for trying to surprise my wife for her birthday.

My wife is a bartender, and also a practicing witch. One day while she was at work I decided to flip through her spellbook. I found a spell that would expand her breasts to cartoonish sizes and thought it would be funny to cast the spell then head up to her bar to see how she’s dealing with enourmous jugs.

As I tried to correctly pronounce the words in the book to cast the spell I had a feeling I was doing it incorrectly as my body started to tingle intensely.

I started to shrink from my height of 6’3 to a height of 5’2. Long curly hair sprouted from my head and travelled down my back. My waist caved inward while my hips simultaneously expanded outward. My thighs thickened along with my ass, which grew until it was a nice round bubble butt.

The grand finale started as I felt an intense pressure in my chest. My nipples grew in size and my breasts started filling. They expanded quickly. They were filling so quickly it lunged me forward and onto the floor where they kept expanding outward. When they finally stopped I picked myself up off the floor and walked over to a hallway mirror. 

I was shocked at what I saw. Staring back at me was my wife, but with the biggest breasts I’d ever seen on a woman of her petite stature. And now they were mine. Hopefully not forever.

I grabbed the biggest and roomiest thing my wife owned and put it on, even though it barely covered my huge new boobs. I made some coffee and sipped it while enjoying the new sensations of my giant tits. When my wife gets home she will definitely be suprised!

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