Friday, August 19, 2022

You’re making it worse


My wife watched as I struggled to try and fix my current predicament. My wife and I were on vacation and while we were in one of the gift shops my wife found a magic book that she thought would be a good coffee table book.

As we left the gift shop and went back to our hotel room to relax, I went out on the balcony to lay out and thumb through the book we had just purchased.

There was some weird stuff in the book. I came across one that claimed to make the person reciting it irresistible. I absentmindedly read the spell under my breath and felt my body quickly transform into that of a woman! 

“What the fuck!” I exclaimed in my new high pitched female voice. “How did...oh my god this book is real!” I panicked as I frantically flipped through the book looking for something to fix my predicament. In a panic I read the next spell my eyes landed on hoping it would change something, anything.

Suddenly my hair lengthened and split into pigtails. My lips plumped up and stuck out into a pout. My clothes changed into a skimpy bikini and my tits and ass grew exponentially. I tried to make sense of what just happened but my mind suddenly got hazy. Like I couldn’t focus on anything except sex and how great my new body was.

My wife walked out onto the balcony and saw the sexy bimbo looking through the book with a confused look on her face. She grabbed the book from me and looked at what I had just read.

“Oh honey, this appears to be a real spellbook!” My wife said surprisingly “And you just read a bimbo spell which is making your current situation a lot worse!”

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