Thursday, September 15, 2022

Trying it out beforehand


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  1. And while my girlfriend enthusiastically threw herself into making the adjustments, she completely forgot about my presence. I was used to that, when she was concentrated, she forgot everything around her. I went into the room next to the lab, where her desk was, and waited quietly. As usual I had some reading with me, so the time flew by. Some time later she happily rushed in, and asked me to help her again. I stretched out my arm, and she injected the modified drug. She kept looking full of expectation, while I waited laconically. When half an hour had passed, she frowned. "The adjustment should have happened a long time ago," she muttered. Without saying a word, she flew back into the lab, after which I continued reading.
    At one point I noticed that it was starting to get really late - my stomach was rumbling! At the same time my friend came in, and the facial expression on her face spoke volumes! When I asked her what was going on, she told me, still stunned, that in preparing the serum she had administered to me, she had overlooked a detail that had caused me to lose this large, well full and shapely figure. Thanks to my fairly phlegmatic disposition, I decided to comfort her as best I could. When she had recovered herself, I said to her: "Look on the bright side, you now have a very good "Dear friend". When she looked at me doubtfully, I confirmed that again. "My dear," said me, “Whatever changes in our relationship, I will never leave you.” “Thank you, my love,” she said, and we ended up being each other's best friends for life.... . - Tom -


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