Monday, February 18, 2019

A break from folding laundry

Wife was in the bedroom folding laundry when she suddenly Had trouble folding the shirt she was holding.. “What the hell?” She said as she felt herself start to slowly shrink. She dwindled slowly on top of her pile of clothes until she reached 3 inches tall. She looked around confused as to what just happened to her. Suddenly, a giant naked woman walked into the room that she did not recognize.

“Were you surprised?” The woman asked. Wife didn’t know what to say because she still wasn’t sure what was going on.

“It’s me! Your husband!”. He used the BodyApp to change both of them from the other room. 

“Oh! I wasn’t sure who you were! One moment I’m folding laundry, the next moment I’m tiny!” She squeaked up at the giant female body her husband currently possessed.

 “I was bored, and horny. Thought I’d mix it up a bit. I found this thick chick online and thought it would be fun for me to try her body out. And to shrink you down and have some fun at the same time.” Said husband as he sexily sauntered up to the edge of the bed. Wife could only stare at the giant pussy and furry bush that was right in front of her face.

“Oh look, you’re the perfect height” hubby giggled. Wife walked toward his giantess pussy in front of her. She could smell that the body her hubby was wearing was getting turned on. 

I guess the laundry will have to wait!

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