Sunday, February 10, 2019

I can barely reach

When I agreed to exchange bodies with my wife for the weekend I didn’t think about the day to day struggles of being in her body. I had a difficult time reaching anything on the top shelf in her 5’2 frame. That was a shock for me as my male body was 6’5. I obviously knew my wife was pretty short, but seeing things from such a low angle really puts things in perspective for you.

Then there was her butt. My wife may be small, but she’s always had a huge ass, thick thighs, and wide hips. I’ve always loved that about her. But when you possess these curves, it’s a chore to deal with. The way these hips naturally sway when I walk, the jiggle of these massive cheeks, carrying around this caboose all day is interesting to say the least. It’s like sitting on a pillow. Softer than I would’ve imagined it to be. Getting dressed however is a pain in the ass, no pun intended. Putting on panties isn’t so bad, this big ass swallows everything and turns it into a thong. It is difficult, however, to get a pair of pants over this big ass and around these hips. Lots of wiggling involved. But one in them I do have to admit, my ass looks magnificent in just about anything!

Now combine those two factors and you can see why I’m currently having trouble lifting my big ass onto the counter so I can reach for something on the top shelf. All the while my wife in my body is laughing and staring at my ass the whole time.

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