Monday, March 4, 2019

Lost Super Bowl bet payoff

Steve and brad had a bet on the Super Bowl. Most bets have money or dares on the line, unless your best friend works at a top secret lab. Then the stakes get a lot higher.

“Touchdown! I win! You know what that means brad...” Steve said with a smirk on his face. He went to his safe and pulled out a top secret device his lab had been working on that can change people in infinite ways. 

Brad gulped “yeah I do. What are you going to turn me into?”

“You’ll find out in just a second...” Steve said as he adjusted the settings on the device. When he was done he pointed it at Brad and said “don’t worry buddy, you’re gonna have a lot of fun with what I have in store for you!” ZAP!

Brad was blinded by a bright light and suddenly felt like he was falling. He when he hit the ground, he was in complete darkness and covered with heavy fabric. He heard the muffled laughter of his buddy Steve but couldn’t see anything! He felt the fabric moving around and suddenly could see again. When he looked up, he saw the gigantic face of his buddy Steve! 

“Oh my god, you made me tiny! He said in a squeaky female voice. He covered his mouth in shock at what his voice sounded like. That’s when he looked down and took note of the other changes Steve had made. “You, you made me a woman! I’ve got tits! Really BIG tits!” He exclaimed as he grabbed a handful of the biggest tits he’s ever felt. Then he reached back and felt on his very large very soft butt. “What ass is HUGE! How can my ass be this big! It feels like a shelf! I have to have one of the biggest asses ever!” Brad said as he kneaded his ample behind.

Right about then Steve reaches down and grabbed his friend. “Wow, you turned out great! This device really is something!” Steve walked over to the bedroom and started removing his pants. He then layed down and placed his tiny transformed friend on his stomach. “You know the rules. The loser has to do what the other says for a week. I think you know what I want...” 

Brad turned around and looked at the giant erection only a couple inches away from where he was standing. He walked over to it and noticed it was slightly taller than he was. He knew he should be grossed out by all this but his body was incredibly turned on by being next to his best friends gigantic cock. He felt the heat from it as he reached up and began rubbing the head and grinding his tits and pussy into the shaft. Brad was loving how his new body felt!

As Brad brought his friend to climax he thought “this isn’t so bad. Maybe I can be his sex pet longer than a week!”


  1. I love this so much. I just wanted to say that I loved your work on Tumblr and I'm so happy that you're continuing!

    1. OMG thank you so much! It sucks what happened to tumblr but I’m glad you found me again!

  2. Love your captions and blog so far! Do you rp at all?


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