Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Accident in the garage

Brad was at work when he received a strange text from his wife ‘HRY HME ACIDNT.’

“Oh no, Kathy had an accident in the garage?!?” Brad panicked and tried to call her but when she answered he could only hear a squeaking sound.

Kathy was a scientist for a large corporation but she often worked on her own experiments at home. Lately she has been working on some sort of shrink ray in the garage, but brad wasnt sure how far along she was in her testing. When he arrived home, he rushed out to the garage but he didn’t see her. 

“Hello? Kathy are you out here?” Brad yelled as he was scanning the room. He saw Kathy’s  phone on the desk but didn’t see her. He walked over to grab her phone but was surprised by what he saw next. Next to his wife’s phone was his wife, less than an inch tall.

Brad leaned down to get a closer look “Oh my god, Kathy?!! What happened? Why are you so tiny?”

Kathy tried telling Brad what happened, but at her small stature all he could hear is high pitched squeaking.

“I can’t hear you. Hold on, let me pick you up and bring you closer to hear you better.”

Brad brought his hand down to the desk “step onto my finger nail.”

He raised his miniature wife up to his eye to get a better look. “Wow, you fit on my fingernail. You are so small! I can barely see you!” Brads voice was so loud to Kathy’s tiny ears.

“I know!” Squeaked Kathy. He could hear her, but she still had to yell. “ I was testing the shrink ray and it accidentally fired and hit me. It shrunk me to a ¼ inch tall! Thank goodness  I was next to my phone and I could text you to come home! You should have seen me trying to hop on the keyboard to type the text I sent you! The letters on the phone are bigger than I am!”

As she was yelling up to husband, her situation hit home as she looked at the vastness of her husbands giant face. “Holy cow, I’m really, really small…I can stand on his fingernail, I’m smaller than his eyeball. I may have really messed up here. I hope I’m not stuck this small forever!”

“Can this be fixed? I’ll do anything I need to to fix the machine!” Brads voice boomed

“I’m not sure, but I’ll definitely need your help! I haven’t tested the shrink ray to see if it will grow stuff back. I hope I’m not stuck this small!”

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