Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Nicks birthday wish

Nick was sitting at the kitchen table surrounded by his friends and girlfriend singing him happy birthday. “Make a wish!” Nick’s girlfriend said as they finished singing. He thought for a moment then leaned down and blew out the candles. 

Nick suddenly felt sick “Ughhh I don’t feel so good...” he groaned. His girlfriend looked at him and noticed he looked a little pale. “Nick honey, are you ok?” She asked.

Nick was sweating profusely. “Wha, what’s going on? My whole body is on fire!” Nick exclaimed. He felt hair tickling the back of his neck and ears. “Nick, your hair is red! And it’s growing longer!” His girlfriend said with panic in her voice. Nicks friends looked on in awe as their friend was clearly suffering and changing.

“Oh god it hurts!” Nick yelled, noticing his voice sounding higher pitched than normal. He felt his bones crack and pop as his body shift and move around. Nick saw his perspective change as he sunk into his seat getting shorter as he shrunk to a height of 5’2”. He felt his hips widen as well as his butt expand and spread across his seat. His caught his breath as his waist contracted and squeezed inward. He felt his thighs thicken as well as his arms get shorter and skinnier. “Oh no, not my dick!” Nick screamed as he felt his cock and balls begin to suck into his body forming a nice plump pussy. His vision blurred as his face began to change giving him plump lips, almond eyes, higher cheekbones and a cute little nose. The last change happened suddenly, as two huge boobs exploded out of his shirt and landed right on top of the cake.

As the changes finished, Nick was sitting there panting wondering what had just happened. His friends were still standing around the table staring at him, their mouths agape. No one really knew what to say as they had just watch their friend turn from a large 6’5” man to a tiny 5’2” woman with the biggest boobs they’ve ever seen.

Nicks girlfriend finally spoke up “Nick, what the hell just happened?”

Nick sat there still panting and taking in the sensations of his new body. He grabbed his new boobs and lifted them out of the cake, feeling their immense weight. “It must’ve been my wish.”

“Your wish? What the hell did you wish for?” She Asked bewildered.

Nick looked down sheepishly and replied “To have a short curvy girl with huge titties that I could grab anytime I want. Guess I got my wish.”

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