Thursday, March 21, 2019

Stolen shrink ray mishap

Kyle was at work when he got a call from his wife Tiffany who was a scientist at a lab. “Hey babe, how’s the research going?”

A man answered “Your wife needs you to come help her.” Then hung up the phone.

“What? Hello?” But all he heard was a dial tone. He called back, but no answer. He ran to his car and raced across town to her lab. When he got there he ran inside and down the hall to her research lab but didn’t see anybody. “Hello? Tiffany? Are you here?” He thought he heard something and looked around but didn’t immediately see anything.

As he looked around the lab he came across 3 piles of clothes. When he leaned down to grab them he saw 3 tiny objects. As he got closer he saw it was his wife and 2 of her coworkers! “Tiffany? Oh my god What happened to you?” He asked, but couldn’t hear her. He put his hand down next to them. “Here, get on my hand so I can bring you up near my face to hear you better.” All 3 of them hopped on.

As he brought them to his face his wife, who was the biggest of the 3, spoke up. “Thank god you came I didn’t know what we would’ve done! We went to lunch together and when we came back the intern was in the process of stealing the shrink ray we’ve been working on! When we confronted him, he pointed it at us and shrunk us one by one. I guess he felt a little guilty so he used my phone to call you. Then he bolted with the shrink ray.” Tiffany said with a high pitched squeaky voice.

“That son of a bitch! How could he do this to you? Why did he make you all different sizes? Is this reversible?” Kyle asked.

“I don’t think he knew how to use it properly. He was just aiming and shooting and we ended up the sizes we are. We hadn’t yet figured out how to make things bigger yet so I’m afraid we might be stuck this size.” Tiffany said as she got a devilish look in her eye. “This was the first time it’s been used on a human and as it turns out, it makes you really, really horny. The sensations of everything being so much smaller and everything being so much bigger is surprisingly a HUGE turn on!” 

Tiffany was now laying on her back and lifted her leg seductively staring at Kyle with a lustful look in her eyes. The other two women were fondeling themselves and staring at Tiffany’s husband in awe of how big he was. 

Kyle had 3 horny women in his palm and had No idea what to do about it. I’m sure the girls had an idea of what they wanted to do though.

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