Monday, March 11, 2019

Tiny fuck doll

Chris and Beth loves using the bodyapp on each other and occasionally used it to swap bodies to spice up their sex life. They appreciated each other’s bodies and enjoyed being each other from time to time.

Chris (in Beth’s body) was stroking his former cock while Beth (in Chris’s body) was sucking on her former titties. They were both deeply in the throes of passion when Chris had an idea.

Chris leaned into Beth’s ear “You know what would be hot?” She whispered “Shrink me. Make me small. Like really small. I want you to use me as a fuck doll.”

That idea made Beth’s cock stiffen harder than it already was. Beth grabbed her phone and opened up the bodyapp. She opened Chris’s profile and adjusted the size. Beth couldn’t wait to see how her old body would look tiny!

Suddenly the cock in Chris’s hand started expanding while he stroked it. Soon he could barely reach around it. Then he could barely fit both hands around it, but he continued stroking. Soon after that he had to bear hug it as his height dwindled further and further. Finally he could no longer reach all the way around it and was forced to let go as he shrunk even further down, looking up at the monolithic cock growing bigger in front of him.

Beth looked down at Chris as he shrunk tinier and tinier. The sight of that almost caused her to climax, but she held it together, not wanting to waste this opportunity. The smaller Chris got the harder it was getting to see him. The shrinking finally stopped when her former body was only an inch tall!

Chris felt the shrinking stop and looked up at his former body. His old cock was enourmous! He could feel the heat emanating from it. He looked straight ahead and saw that he was barely as tall as his testicles. “Oh my...” he said to himself “I did ask to be really small. I’ve never been so horny in my life!.” Chris was incredibly horny at the sight of Beth’s huge package. As he walked up to it, he could feel his juices running down his legs.

Beth leaned down so Chris could climb on top of her cock and straddle it. Her tiny fuck doll had a big job ahead of her.

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