Saturday, March 9, 2019

My wife turned me into a catgirl

Karen has been working on a new transformation chamber in her basement lab. She was finally ready to test it, and had asked her husband Chris to be the test subject. He was a little apprehensive, but Karen was a genius inventor, so he trusted her. He agreed to be the first test subject.

“What are you going to transform me into?” Chris asked. Curious as to what his wife had in mind.

“For my first test, I’m going to transform you into a woman I found on the internet. She petite and very attractive. I think you’ll approve.” Karen said as she made last minute adjustments to her machine.

Chris got nervous. Was he ready to be a woman? To be honest the idea kind of excited him. He always wondered what it would be like to be the fairer sex but he never thought he’d get to experience it. He will now!

“Alright, step into the chamber. Time for the first test!” Karen said giddily. Chris walked over and stepped into the chamber as karen shut the heavy chamber door behind him.

Chris stood inside the chamber nervously awaiting his transformation. As he heard the machine start to hum to life, he felt something brush his foot. He looked down and saw their pet cat. 

“Oh no, the cats in here!” Chris panicked. “Hey Karen! Stop the machine! The cats in here!” He yelled while banging on the locked door. Unfortunately his wife couldn’t hear him through the thick metal of the machine. She flipped the switch and the transformation chamber transformed her husband.

When the machine was done, Karen unlocked and opened the door. She was not prepared for what walked through the door. Chris looked exactly like the girl she scanned into the program, but with cat ears and a cat tail!

“Oh no...babe I have no idea how this happened! I’ll try and figure it out as soon as I can!” She ran over to her computer to see what had happened.

“I know what happened...” Chris started to say but was suprised by his higher pitched voice “when I stepped into the machine, the cat was in there!” As he said that he felt his tail brush the back of his leg as it swished back and forth. That made him reach up and feel the ears poking through the hair on top of his head. “I think the machine combined the cat and I!”

Karen stopped what she was doing and looked at the catgirl she had turned her husband into. “Baby I’m so sorry. This isn’t what  I intended to happen at all. Go up stairs while I work on this and I’ll let you know when I have this figured out.” 

Chris walked upstairs, his furry tail swishing behind him. He walked into their bedroom and Looked at himself in front of a mirror. “Wow, I’m pretty young. And hot!” He said as he inspected his new body. He squatted down and snapped a picture of himself “At least I’m a sexy catgirl!”

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