Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Stacy surprises her boyfriend

Chris came home after a long day at work and just wanted to relax. He didn’t immediately see Stacy, his girlfriend, as he came in and plopped down on the couch. “Hey Chris! Come into the bedroom!” He heard her call from the bedroom. He begrudgingly got up and headed over to the bedroom.

As he walked in he saw his girlfriend on the bed completely naked with her hands behind her back. Her body was magnificent with huge perky breasts and curvy shape. He immediately felt his dick stir in his pants at the mere sight of her. 

“Hey babe! I’ve got a surprise for you!” She said in a giddy voice. “Oh yeah what’s that?” Chris said still Gawking at her naked body. She pulled her hands from out from behind her back and pointed what appeared to be a toy gun at him. He looked at it and chuckled. “A toy gun? That’s your surprise? That’s really cute babe.” Stacy grinned really big “Oh it’s not a toy gun, silly! I’ll show you what it does!” Next thing Chris knew he heard a *ZAP* and saw a bright flash of light.

Chris was rubbing his eyes due to the bright flash. As he opened his eyes he looked at his girlfriend and his jaw dropped. He had to look up, way up, to see the huge grin on her face. “It’s a transformation ray! Isn’t it super cool? I changed you into a woman and made you tiny! Oh my god you turned out really sexy!” Chris looked down at himself and verified that she was right, he was a bombshell. Huge tits, flat stomach, slim waist, wide hips, round ass, he had it all. He looked up at his girlfriend quizzically. “But-but why? Why did you turn me into a tiny woman?” Stacy giggled. “For fun silly! You know I’m bi so I thought if this transformation ray worked it would be fun to turn you into a woman to experience the other side of things. And I made you tiny because I wanted to have control over you.” 

Chris gulped at that last part. Stacy smiled and leaned forward and reached for Chris. “Now relax and let’s have some fun!”

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