Thursday, May 9, 2019

Cory loses a chore bet

“You missed a spot over there!” Laughed Katy as she watched Cory, her boyfriend vacuum the apartment. 

Katy and Cory had made a wager on a football game and the loser had to do all the chores in their underwear. However Katy is a witch, and decided to spice up the bet. When Cory started doing the chores she snapped her fingers changing him into a female version of himself. 

“Oh come on!” Complained Cory as he stood there in a shirt shoes and thong. “This wasn’t part of the bet!” 

Katy just laughed at her boyfriends protesting. “Quit complaining or ill shrink you down to half your size! Then the chores will be twice as difficult! The quicker you finish the quicker I’ll change you back!”

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