Thursday, June 20, 2019

Accidental goddess

Steve’s daughter was heading out to a party with some friends on a Friday night and he was concerned. He had his suspicions that she was drinking excessively and messing around with boys.

Steve was a scientist at a government lab and had a machine at his lab that would allow him to change himself into one of his daughters friends so he could spy on her without her knowing. Then he could be sure of what she was doing at these parties.

He scanned a picture of his daughters friend into the computer and made all the necessary adjustments before hitting the timer on the machine. He set foot into the machine and once the timer counted down he heard a *ZAP* and felt his body change.

Steve opened his eyes and knew it had worked. He saw hair in his face and saw breasts on his chest. Something was off though. He felt like he was taller than the girl should’ve been. He was 6 or 7 feet tall, and the girl was supposed to be 5’2. Steve walked over to the computer screen and his eyes went wide. He messed up the numbers when he entered her height. In stead of 5’2, he had entered 5200’.

“Oh no, oh shit. I have to fix this!” He panicked in his now girly voice but his height had already started increasing. His fingers were quickly growing in size as he frantically tried to type correction into the computer. His height rose, quickly bumping his head into the ceiling causing him to lean over, then get on his hands and knees.

“Oh god! This wasn’t supposed to happen! I’m getting too big! I’m gonna outgrows the building!” Steve said as his body grew faster, quickly filling the room as he bumped his butt and head against the far walls of the room. His expanding body crushing the machine used to turn him into the growing girl he was becoming. “Fuck! There goes my only chance to change back!”

His body pressed up against the roof of the lab and exploded out of the top of the building as his growth accelerated. Now free from the containment of the lab, he stood up as he grew even faster. Steve saw his perspective get higher and higher. He could see over trees and buildings and could see farther and farther as his height got higher and higher.

Steve’s height finally leveled off at 5200’. He looked around and was shocked by how much bigger he was than everything else. “Holy shit, I’m SO BIG.” Steve said as he compared himself to the tall buildings of downtown. “This isn’t what I wanted, but I just became a giantess. Im the biggest being on earth. I’m a goddess! Mmmm what a turn on...” Steve felt his young body respond to the realization that he was the biggest woman on earth. He could do anything he wanted, and that turned him on immensely.

“Mmmm goddamn I’m horny...” Steve moaned as he began to rub his tits. Just then he saw a news helicopter flying towards him. He leaned toward them and pushed his tits together.

“Hey guys, get a load of the biggest tits in the world! Get a little closer, you’re new goddess has something to say...”


  1. OMG please post more like this. Love the concept of a father turning into a sexy teen giantess!


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