Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Trying on clothes for my wife

My wife and I were set to go out of town in a few days on a much deserved vacation. She was covered up with work though and didn’t have time to go shopping for new clothes.

“I can go pick out some clothes for you, babe!” I offered.

“Thanks honey, but there’s no way to guarantee the stuff you pick out will fit. Unless...” my wife suddenly had an idea. She ran to the bedroom and grabbed her spellbook. My wife was a witch, but used her powers very sparingly so as not to draw too much attention.

“Uh sweetheart...” I asked cautiously “what’s your idea?”

“The only way to guarantee the stuff you pick out fits, is to try it on yourself!”

“How exactly am I gonna do that?” I asked still not understanding what she was getting at.

She thumbed through her book and found a spell and cast it before she bothered to answer me. Suddenly I found my body changing shape. My height shrunk down becoming much shorter. My waist crunched inward as my hips flared outward. 2 breasts sprung from my chest. My ass inflated becoming very round and plump. My arms thinned and my thighs thickened. I felt my face contort and change shape as blonde hair sprung from my head and cascaded halfway down my back. Finally I felt my cock and balls begin to retreat into my body until they inverted leaving a vagina.

My wife squealed “Oh my god you look just like me! Damn I’m hot!”

I took a quick inventory of the body of my wife I now possessed “Dammit babe! Let me know before you do that next time! You can’t just change me into a woman whenever you want!” I said in my wife’s high pitched voice.

“Oh calm down. Besides, you wanted to help! Now go get dressed and head down to the mall. Grab some clothes you think I’d like and take some pics and text them to me so I can approve of them.”

I made my way to the mall to try on some clothes and I gotta tell you, I was loving the attention my wife’s body was getting! It really made me feel sexy! After picking out some clothes and getting into the changing room, I couldn’t help but take some sexy mirror selfies before I tried on some clothes.

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