Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Squat booty swap

Yesterday I was a married 36 year old mechanic. Today I’m in the body of the 21 year old neighbor girl thanks to the great shift. It was strange waking up next to my wife in this young energetic body. It gave both of us quite a shock. It wasn’t until we turned on the TV and saw the news report about the great shift that we understood what had happened. My wife was immediately supportive. She said she’d stay with me even though I was now a young woman.

I guess there are worse body’s to be shifted into. If I’m gonna be a girl, at least I’m a hot one. This girl definitely did her squats. I can’t stop looking at my ass. It’s so big! Neither can my wife. I catch her staring at it as I walk by. I love the feeling of it bouncing as I walk. I wear tight pants and shirt shorts all the time. I’ve really embraced my new body and love showing it off. I love being a victim of the great shift!

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