Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Interesting punishment

Stacy found out her boyfriend Josh was cheating on her with a girl from his work. She was so upset, she stole her genius dads transformation ray from the basement and not only turned him into a copy of the whore he cheated on her with, but made him 3 inches tall!

Now she plans to have some fun with her new little toy. First, she wants Josh to suffer a little.

“Your going to spend the day in my panties pressed up against my pussy. What happens to you later depends on how much I enjoy having you in there all day. You’ll get bonus points for trying to pleasure me so keep that in mind while you’re in there.”

Josh was equal parts scared and strangely turned on by his current predicament. Being a tiny girl was oddly arousing. Being in his girlfriends panties staring at her giant pussy should’ve scared him, but deep down he welcomed the challenge to please her.

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  1. Keep em coming! I look forward to your captions Everytime.


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