Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Accident with his wife’s size ray 2

Husband was initially shrunk down to 3 inches when he bumped into one of wife’s experiment while in the basement.

It’s been a week since then and wife was working tirelessly to try and fix whatever had made her husband a real life Barbie doll. Things weren’t happening as fast as either one of them would like though, as wife still had to go to her job downtown. She was a scientist for a well known global company.

Husband, however, spent his day exploring their house at his new diminutive size. If it wasn’t strange enough to walk around his house at 3 inches tall, he was also in the body of a very sexy woman.

One day while exploring his house, he found that wife had left another one of her experiments out on the coffee table. It was a size ray that she was tweaking to see if it could possibly fix hubbies small stature. Changing him back to a man, that was going to be a little bit more difficult.

Husband climbed up onto the table and walked over to the ray. He inspected the ray and saw the dial labeled ‘shrink’ and 'grow’. Hubby was so eager to get back to his normal size, so he was willing to try anything. Whether wife was finished with this ray or not!

He grabbed the dial with both hands and turned it as hard as he could until the dial was set to 'grow’. “Hopefully this works. I’m tired of being a little doll! Things. Any get any worse, right?”

He set the timer on the size ray and ran to try and get in front of it in time. The ray fired right as he stepped in front of it. 

It struck tiny hubby and was very warm. He didn’t immediately notice anything. “Well, that’s disappointing. I’ll have to let wife know this needs a little more work.”

He walked back over to the ray, set the timer again, and ran to get in front of the ray. As he ran in front of the ray, he felt an intense tingle rise in him. “Uh, that’s a weird feeling.” He then noticed his perspective changing. He was getting taller! “Wait, I’m growing! It’s working!” Then he looked up at the size ray that was seconds from firing again. “Oh no…” 'ZAP’

Hubby was growing, but after the second zap from the size ray, he started growing at a faster rate. He was a foot tall in no time!

“Awesome! I should be a more normal size in no time!”

2 feet

“Everything is getting smaller! What a relief. Hopefully my wife can turn me back into a man when I’m normal height.”

4 feet

“Going up! Lol! I wonder what my height will be as a woman…”

6 feet

“Wow! Apparently I’m a tall woman...”

8 feet

“A really tall woman!”

10 feet

His head hits the ceiling. “Oh no, when will this stop?!? I may have fucked up! I’m going to run out of room soon!”

14 feet

He suddenly felt his growth speeding up. “Oh god, it’s speeding up! When will this stop?!?”

20 feet

His head is now pressed against the ceiling and is starting to feel his large ass and huge tits press against the walls of the living room.

“I’m getting way too big! I’m going to destroy the house!”

25 feet

Hubby is finally too big and his ass and titties bust through the sides of the house while his head grows up through the roof.

35 feet

As he stands up and brushes off pieces of his house from his voluptuous body, he notices how tall he is and that he’s still growing bigger.

“Wooooow. I’m huge! Ive gone from a Barbie doll to a giantess!”

45 feet

“I think I need to head towards wife’s work and see if she can do something about this before I get too big!”

His growth was slowing as he approached 55 feet

He stepped out into the street and headed towards downtown. He was careful to watch his step and not step on anything or anyone.

“This is so crazy! Everything is so small, and still getting smaller!”

His growth finally stopped at 65 feet

He reached his wife’s building and peeked in the windows to see if he could find his wife. When he saw his reflection in the side of the building, he figured she probably saw the giant woman peeking into the windows. There’s no way you could miss it.

“I’m, honey? I may have had an accident with the size ray you were developing to fix my predicament. Good news! I’m not Barbie doll sized anymore! Bad news, i might have a new problem for you to work on. Might want to hurry, I grabbed a lot of attention on the way over here and I’m sure the news will be here any minute!”

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