Friday, February 1, 2019

Never piss off a waitress

Husband was out with the guys for some beers. While at the ‘breastaurant’ the guys started giving the waitress too hard of a time. He slapped the waitresses ass as she walked away from the table, angering the waitress. Well, what we didn’t know, was she was a witch. And she wanted to teach us a lesson.

Wife had to come pick us up from the restaurant due to the waitress shrinking us down into tiny little dolls! The waitress said she wanted us to be as small as we made her feel. She used to my phone to call my wife and told her I needed to be picked up. When wife got to the restaurant, she handed her a small doggie bag and told her to leave immediately or else she would meet a similar fate as her husband. When she asked what that meant, she told her to open the bag when she got home and she would understand.

When wife got home, she opened the bag and dumped the contents into her hand. Two tiny woman rolled out. Wife was stunned “Oh my god, what happened to you guys?!?”

“That bitch waitress shrunk us and turned us into women! She said it was to teach us a lesson!” Squeaked the smaller woman.

“Which one of you is my husband?”
“Me!” Said the smaller of the two, raising her hand.
“How did you end up smaller than your friend?”

“When she initially shrunk us, I was furious! I started yelling at her and cussing her out! She didn’t care for that So…she made me half her size…” hubby said as he looked Over and up at his friend who was also tiny, but towered over him. “Now I only come up to her butt!” He said as he gestured to his taller transformed friend next to him.

Wife wasn’t sure what she was gonna do with a 3 inch husband and his 7 inch friend. Was there anyway to fix this? We’re they stuck that way forever?

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  1. Can you do a sequel to this, I want her husband to be even more smaller


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