Saturday, February 9, 2019

Showing the app to her friend

Hubby went with Wife and one of her friends to have some coffee at the local coffee shop. He didn’t much care to be a 3rd wheel, but Wife wanted him to go so he did.

During the coffee date Wife started to tell her friend about the BodyApp and how her and hubby were really enjoying its many uses. Her friend couldn’t believe it!

“So it’s just an app on your phone? There’s no way this could work. You can’t just shrink and grow people!” Wife’s friend said.

“Oh it does more than shrink or grow people. Right husband?” Wife glanced at me and winked

“That’s right. We’ve had some crazy fun with that app. You can change anything you want with that app. Size, gender, body shape, whatever you want.” Hubby said.

“I don’t believe you. Prove it!” Said the friend.

“Alright. I’ll prove it.” Wife said as she pulled out her phone. “Watch this…”

As soon as hubby heard that he knew what was coming. He soon felt his clothes getting loose and his body shifting around as he shrank. As he slipped into the neck of his shirt, he felt breasts starting to grow on his chest. He was being swallowed by his clothes and shrinking smaller. He saw long blonde hair start to fall in front of his face. His waist was pulling in while his hips widened slightly. He was in complete darkness under his pile of clothes and still shrinking further. “Man, how small is she gonna make me? Probably pretty small just to drive the point home to her friend.” He felt himself stop shrinking but couldn’t see a thing. He heard muffled voices of his wife and friend and felt the clothes start to move. They were looking for him in the pile. He finally saw his clothes move and a giant hand of his wife’s reach in to grab him.

Wife grabbed he tiny female body of her hubby and set him on the table in front of her friend. Her friend couldn’t believe what she was seeing. “WOW! I can’t believe it! That’s your husband?!? He’s so tiny! And a woman! Look at him, he’s gorgeous! He looks so hot!”

I’d never been paraded around like this in a tiny female body, so I didn’t know exactly how to act. “Well, thanks I guess.” Was all I could muster. I was embarrassed and incredibly turned on at the exact same time. I was 4 inches tall, in the body of a very attractive woman, and naked on the table in the middle of a coffee shop. I felt very vulnerable and sexy.

As the girls talked more about the app, I decided to explore the table at my size and saw my wife’s coffee right behind me. I walked over to it, checked the temp, and climbed over the edge and hopped right in. It was warm, like a hot tub. I lowered myself down into the coffee and played in the foam. My wife and her friend just watched me, her friend amazed at what she was seeing.

“Oh my god, I have to try this with my husband! What was the name of that app again?”

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