Tuesday, March 5, 2019

His best friends daughter

Nick layed on the floor of his bedroom grabbing his new boobs in his newly transformed body. He had just recited a spell to transform himself into the body of the hot 20 year old daughter of his best friend, Caitlyn. As she grew older and developed as a teenager, he couldn’t help but lust for her from afar, knowing he could never cross that line. Especially with him being 40 and married!

One day he stumbled across a website that claimed to have spells that could change a variety of things. He searched until he found one that claimed to turn you into anyone you desired, and he knew just who that would be. He recited the spell and immediately felt dizzy. He passed out and fell out of his chair.

When he awoke, he was laying on the floor still wearing his oversized jacket. When he attempted to get up, he realized something was very different. He saw hair fall in his face and felt a jiggle on his chest. When he looked down, he saw two very modest breasts! Looking further he saw a flat stomach, a slim waist, and a cute little pussy. He was overwhelmed with emotions as he was both extremely turned on and shocked that the spell worked in the first place. He immediately started groping his new tits smiling from ear to ear knowing he now possessed the body of his best friends daughter. 

In a couple of hours his wife would come home from work and he would have to explain why he was now a 20 year old female.  But he wasn’t worried about that right now.

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