Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Searching for the artifact

Tim stared at the island he was just rescued from. Tim was an archeologist and was exploring an island that was previously inhabited by an ancient Indian tribe known for strange rituals. Tim was spotted by a passing boat naked on the beach, waving frantically. The crew on the boat couldn’t believe what they were seeing. An incredibly sexy and ridiculously proportioned woman was waving them down To be rescued from a deserted island.

Tim had been on the island searching an old Indian temple when he can across a room full of ancient artifacts. In the middle of the room on a pedestal, he saw an artifact he recognized as the fertility goddess. He had been searching for this his whole career and was ecstatic! He retrieved the artifact from the pedestal, but that’s where Tim’s troubles began.

The artifact started glowing, then Tim began to feel as if his body was on fire. He felt himself rapidly losing height as he shrunk from 6’5” to a petite 5’0. Hair sprouted from the top of his head and fell in front of his face and down his back, stopping midway down. Tim doubled over in pain as he felt his waist constrict to an incredibly slim size while his hips flared out considerably giving himself an exaggerated hourglass shape. The pain subsided as he started to feel his breasts start to expand, stopping at a large and firm 38DDD. Tim then felt his thighs thickening and his ass expanding. He soon had a set of thick juicy thighs and a very large very round bubble butt. Lastly, his penis and scrotum slowly shriveled and sucked into his body, turning into a tight pussy.

Tim was freaking out about the transformation he had just endured. “Holy shit, what just happened to me!” He said in his new high pitched feminine voice. “The stories of the curse of the fertility goddess must be real! Which means...I’ve been turned into a real life fertility goddess! My body is built for fucking and breeding!” Tim wished there was a mirror nearby, he was really curious about what he now looked like.

Tim ran out of the temple eager to get off the island before he was affected by any more cursed artifacts. He made his way to the beach, flagging down the first boat he saw. Judging from the way they were staring at him, and the bulges in their pants, he knew he must be pretty attractive. He wondered what this new life had in store for him.

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