Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Becoming his daughters best friend

Steve was a single father. he tried his hardest to try to relate and bond with his daughter but she refused his efforts, frustrating him. Steve was sitting on the couch drinking one night after his daughter had gone to bed thinking trying to come up with a way to find common ground with his beloved daughter. “I just wish I could be closer to her” he said while taking another sip of his beer. Shortly after that he blacked out.

Steve awoke the next morning. He was confused because he was in a bed. He looked around the room he was in and didn’t recognize it. He sat up in bed and felt unfamiliar sensations from his body. He saw hair fall in front of his face. His nipples rubbed the inside of the shirt he was wearing and felt electric sensations. He tossed the covers off the bed and saw small female legs and an empty cavity between them. “What the fuck?!?” Steve exclaimed. He was shocked by his high pitched female voice. He jumped out of bed with tremendous energy and ease and ran to the mirror next to his bed.

He looked at the petite female body in the mirror only wearing a hoodie and no bottoms. He immediately knew the girl staring back at him. “Holy shit, I’m Kelsie, my daughters best friend.” He thought back on last night, sitting on the couch. “I guess my wish came true. How else could I be closer to my daughter than to be her best friend?”

The more he stared at himself in the mirror he got increasingly curious. He started to explore his new tiny female body. He layed on the bed and grabbed the cell phone he saw on the bedside table. He opened the camera app and pointed it over his shoulder. “God damn, Kelsie has a hot little body.” Steve said as he snapped a picture of his new ass and pussy. “Maybe I’ll hit up my daughter later. But for now...” he snapped another pic.


  1. I like Body Swap captions like this.

    1. Check back often for more of these kind of captions!

  2. Little does he know that his daughter is bi and has the hots for Kelsie.


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