Thursday, May 16, 2019

Double crossed at the lab

Nick was an up and coming engineer at a top secret government lab. He had been working on a transformation ray that would allow the military to transform themselves or the enemy in any way they could possibly imagine. He was almost finished with it. He just had to put it through some tests to verify it worked correctly. 

One day while he was out to lunch his lab assistant Chris hatched a plan to use the transformation ray against Nick and steal the technology for himself. Not only that, but if the technology actually worked, he might get himself a little pet in the process. He programmed in the body of a female pornstar and scaled it down to 3 inches. All he had to do now was wait for Nick to come back from lunch. 

When Nick arrived back from lunch Chris very quickly aimed the transformation ray at Nick and fired it before he could process what happened. The test was successful and Nick was reduced to a 3 inch extremely voluptuous woman. Chris reaches into the pile of clothes and grabbed the reduced Nick and put him into a backpack along with the transformation ray, quickly exiting the lab before anyone figured out what had happened. 

Now Chris is at home marveling at the tiny woman that used to be his boss. He now had full control over him and decided to exercise it. He placed Nick on his erect cock and instructed him to rub himself on it until he climaxed. If he didn’t, he might be reduced even further... 

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